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Solar Water Heater Services by Admiral Plumbing Services

We have a great deal of sun near West Palm Beach, FL, so why not use it to help heat your home’s hot water? Our experts have years of experience working with solar hot water heater systems, and can install and service yours so that you enjoy years of hot water provided by the sun’s energy. Solar energy systems need the help of trained experts because they function differently from other more traditional systems, and this is where our experts come in. We bring over 25 years’ worth of experience to every job we do, and our flat rate pricing ensures that you won’t be overcharged for any work. Have an emergency? We’ll dispatch one of our pros right away. If you’ve been thinking about harnessing solar energy for your home’s hot water, call the professionals you can count on: Admiral Plumbing Services.

Admiral Plumbing Services provides solar hot water heater services throughout Palm Beach County, Martin County and Port St Lucie.

Using Solar Hot Water: Passive vs. Active

When it comes to using a solar hot water heater near West Palm Beach, FL, you have some choices to make in regard to type and how the water heater works. The first place to start is with choosing an active solar water heater or a passive one. What’s the difference? An active solar water heater uses mechanics and electricity to provide the hot water, typically circulating pumps; a passive unit uses the principles of gravity to move the hot water.

Types of Solar Hot Water Heaters

Here are the most common types of solar hot water heaters for both passive and active systems:


  • Batch collectors (passive type) – this type of solar hot water heater is the least complex. It consists of tubes inside a dark collection box in which collected water is heated by direct sunlight. When hot water is needed, a latch opens and the hot water flows down.
  • Evacuated tube collectors (thermosiphoning) – this type of solar water heater uses a series of small, insulated tubes to heat the water via direct sunlight, and once warmed, the hot water moves upward into a small insulated storage tank that stores the warm water for usage.


  • Batch collectors (active) – this type of solar water heater uses the same type of batch collector as a passive system, but circulating pumps move the water in and out.
  • Flat–plate collectors – this type of solar water heater uses an environmentally–friendly heat transfer fluid (typically an anti–freeze) to heat the water. A pump delivers the fluid to the flat plate, where it is heated by the sun; once it reaches the correct temperature, the fluid travels back into the hot water storage tank where is flows into a heat exchanger that allows the heat from the fluid to transfer to the water in the tank.

Hire Us for Solar Water Heating Services near West Palm Beach

When you want to install and use a solar hot water heater for your home near West Palm Beach, FL, call the people you can count on: Admiral Plumbing Services. Using the sun to provide your home with hot water can have tremendous benefits, but you can’t reap those benefits if your solar hot water has been poorly installed or serviced. Call us today and see what a solar hot water heater can do for your home.