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Palm Beach County: 561-805-7789

Martin County/Port St Lucie: 772-286-1888

Toll Free: 866-586-4119

Royal Palm Beach, FL, Plumbing, Drain & Sewer and Water Heater Services

If you are looking for a reliable, dependable company to call for all of your commercial plumbing, water treatment and remodeling needs, then we are the place to call. Our experts are available seven days a week and 24 hours a day for emergency services. We handle everything from hot water tank leaks to new plumbing installations, and we are available to help with both residential and commercial properties. Our pros have the latest tools to make any work as minimally invasive as possible, and we’ll leave your home as clean as it was prior to work being done. When you want experts for your home’s plumbing, water treatment and slab leak repair needs, call the people you can always count on: Admiral Plumbing Services.

Admiral Plumbing Services offers residential and commercial plumbing, water treatment systems, water heater and slab leak repair services throughout the Royal Palm Beach, FL area.

Do You Need Residential or Commercial Plumbing Maintenance, Installation or Repair Services in Royal Palm Beach, FL?

Plumbing work can look so easy on television or an online video, but the truth is, it isn’t, and most of the work you see done on these mediums is being handled by a trained expert. Unless you have this expertise yourself, it’s always best to call a Admiral Plumbing Services plumbing specialist for help. We can help you install new plumbing and/or plumbing fixtures, repair your plumbing system and water–using appliances, replace bad plumbing or maintain your existing system and components.

We Offer Bathroom Plumbing Installation and Repair

There are many codes and building regulations when it comes to installing and repairing bathroom plumbing, and the good news is that when you call our experts to help with these services, you don’t have to know a single one. This is because our trained experts know them all, and make sure all your work is done in accordance with these codes and our own high standards.

Trust Us for Your Next Kitchen Plumbing Installation or Repair

One of the keys to ensuring a successful kitchen remodel is to work with expert contractors. We are an expert contractor, and our comprehensive services, fair pricing and trained experts help ensure that your kitchen plumbing installation or repair will meet all of your expectations.

Do You Need Your Drain and Sewer Services in Royal Palm Beach, FL?

There’s no getting around the fact that drain and sewer work is a dirty job. But the good news is you don’t have to worry about the dirty details, because you can contact our specialists for all of your drain and sewer needs in Royal Palm Beach, FL. Whether you need an annual drain cleaning or sewer line replacement, our pros are here to help. Just give us a call, and our staff will schedule you an appointment right away.

We Offer Drain Cleaning Services

Our plumbing specialists offer drain cleaning services for both your home and commercial space, and with our special hydro jetting service, it’s never been easier to clean your drains and sewer line. If you are concerned about slow drains, let our experts clean your lines out!

Do You Need Water Heater Installation and Repair Services in Royal Palm Beach, FL?

Unless you like to boil water every time you need hot water in your home, you need to have a functioning hot water heater. Our experts can help you with installation, repair, maintenance or replacement, and we handle both tank and tankless systems. Compromising your comfort is never a good choice; instead, let our pros keep your hot water flowing.

We Offer Tankless Water Heaters

Tankless water heaters can be a great option for many homeowners, but they require experts for both installation and service. We can help with all of your tankless hot water needs, and we work with both electric and gas models.

Do You Need a Water Treatment System in Royal Palm Beach, FL?

When precipitation falls from the sky, it is free of contaminants and impurities. However, unless you capture it as it’s falling, your home’s water will contain different types of particles, and this is where the installation of a water treatment system is important. Choosing the right type of water treatment system is dependent on your needs, and our experts can help you determine which water treatment system you need; we’ll then install it and service it as needed. We can also help you with an existing water treatment system – all you have to do is give us call.

We Offer Reverse Osmosis Systems

If you are looking for a water treatment system that doesn’t use any mechanics, then you’ll want to consider the installation of a reverse osmosis system. Our pros specialize in the installation and service of these systems, and we are here to help you with all of your RO needs.

We Offer Water Softeners

Minerals in your water aren’t bad for you, but they can create problems for your plumbing. The best way to handle heavy mineralization in your water is with a water softener system. Call us today and see how our experts can help your home with a water softening system!

We Offer Water Testing Services

If you have concerns about your home’s potable water, the best way to alleviate those concerns is with professional water testing. We can help you test your water, analyze the results and offer recommendations should help be needed.