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Palm City, FL Residential and Commercial Plumbing, Water Treatment Systems and Water Heater Services

Palm City, FL prides itself on its warm weather, inviting beaches and homes. Our residents pride themselves on enjoying all of the benefits that the area has to offer, but like homeowners anywhere else, that means keeping your various systems maintained and repaired over the course of time. Commercial services in our fair city have an even greater burden, since their use larger buildings that support a larger number of occupants. Your home is an investment and our warm rainy weather can damage that investment if you allow it. That’s why Admiral Plumbing Services has the skilled technicians you need to keep your plumbing systems in good shape. Whether it’s residential and commercial plumbing, water treatment systems or slab leak repair services, we have what it takes to do the job right.

Contact Admiral Plumbing Services for plumbing services of all varieties in the Palm City, FL area.

Do You Need Plumbing Maintenance, Installation or Repair Services in Palm City, FL?

Sooner or later, every homeowner needs to deal with an issue in their plumbing, whether its simple maintenance, repairs to address clogs and leaks, or installations of entirely new systems. Palm City, FL gets a lot of rain, which can wreak havoc on your plumbing if it’s not kept up. A quality plumbing service can take care of any issues that arise, as well as correcting plumbing problems before they begin. Your plumber can be as important to you as your doctor or car mechanic. Make sure that yours has the skills to do the job right.

We Offer Bathroom Plumbing Installation and Repair

Bathroom plumbing installation can be surprisingly tricky, especially if it’s part of a larger remodeling project. You want your faucets, toilets and other outlets to occupy the space you want, yet you also need to meet the practical needs of running plumbing pies to them in an unobtrusive action. That’s why the experts at Admiral Plumbing Services are so indispensable. Not only do we offer bathroom plumbing installation and repair, but we’ll work with you to meet your idealized needs with the practicalities of the project.

We Offer Sump Pump Installation Services

Sump pumps do yeoman work in towns like Palm City, FL, keeping your crawlspace dry when the floodwaters start to rise. A good plumbing company offers sump pump installation services that involve more than just putting it in. Call us today.

Do You Need Your Drain and Sewer Services in Palm City, FL?

No one likes to think they need drain and sewer services, but sometimes it’s inevitable. Clogs in your drain often defy flimsy store–bought solutions, while sewer line leaks necessitate a professional plumber trained in the latest repair techniques. It’s never a pleasant call to make, but when you make it, you need to know that the person on the other end of the line is going to do the job right. Drain and sewer services need to do the job right the first time, every time in order to keep your home functioning and healthy!

We Offer Drain Cleaning Services

Many people mistakenly believe they can clear up a drain using a store–bought cleanser or snake. Unfortunately, such "solutions" often adopt a one–size–fits–all approach, which rarely solve the problem and could pose a threat to you and your family if used improperly. Count on trained plumbing companies to handle drain cleaning services the right way, with specialized tools and techniques designed to fit the unique nature of the problem!

We Offer Hydro Jetting Services

Hydro–jetting is a unique means of clearing clogs, available with professional plumbing services. A hose is fitted to the pertinent pipe–way and a series of high pressure water pulses are fired down its length. The result breaks up the clog and washes it down the pipe, as well as removing any smaller spots where build–up may cause a clog. Only trained technicians can use it safely, but the results are usually quite impressive.

Do You Need Water Heater Installation and Repair Services in Palm City, FL?

If properly maintained, a good water heater can last for many years, but sooner or later, problems will arise. When they do, you need to decide whether to repair the damage, or simply replace the water heater with a new one. The experts at Admiral Plumbing Services can guide you through your options, then perform installation and repair services with the confidence that comes with years of experience.

We Offer Tankless Water Heaters

Here in Palm City, FL, we have a lot of vacation homes, which can benefit from a tankless water heater or a regular tanked model. Tankless heaters warm the water instantly as it passes through your pipes, ensuring that you never run out and address the issues of stagnation and rust that normal water heaters experience when they sit unused for a long period of time.

Do You Need a Water Treatment System in Palm City, FL?

The high humidity and frequent rainfall here in Florida means that bacteria in the water supply is a constant concern. And while our civic systems do a great job of filtering out such contaminants, no system is perfect. A water treatment system further purifies drinking, cooking and bathing water, helping you feel better and your meals taste better every time you use your sink. A trained professional can walk you through your options before performing an installation throughout your home.

We Offer Reverse Osmosis Systems

Reverse osmosis is a process used by certain bottling companies designed to remove impurity by filtering the water through a semi–permeable membrane. The plumbers at Admiral Plumbing Services can install a similar system in your home, allowing you to enjoy fresher, cleaner water every time you turn on the tap. If you’d like tastier water to drink or cook with, or would like to take a shower without concerns over hard water irritating your skin, give us a call today!

Do You Need Commercial Plumbing Services in Palm City, FL?

Commercial plumbing services differ from residential plumbing services in many ways, and businesses in Palm City, FL, would do well to hire plumbers who know the difference. Businesses must often adhere to higher standards of cleanliness, especially restaurants and locations that cater to large numbers of customers. And of course, business plumbing needs to be large enough to handle increased demand, which means more complex systems and a bigger chance of something going wrong. The plumbers at Admiral Plumbing Services understand the unique needs of commercial plumbing services and will step up every time!