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Greenacres, FL, Plumbing, Drain & Sewer and Water Heater Services

For over 25 years, Admiral Plumbing Services has helped hundreds of customers with a variety of commercial and residential services, including plumbing, water treatment, and slab leak repair. We have built our business on expertise, professionalism and customer service, so when you call us for work, be it installation, repair, replacement or maintenance, you can rest assured that our experts will do the job correctly, efficiently and quickly the first time around. Additionally, our fixed–rate pricing means that you will be able to stay on budget. Have a leaky faucet? Concerned about your water? Looking to update an outdated kitchen? Give us a call today!

Admiral Plumbing Services offers residential and commercial plumbing, water treatment systems, water heater and slab leak repair services throughout the Greenacres, FL area.

Do You Need Residential or Commercial Plumbing Maintenance, Installation or Repair Services in Greenacres, FL?

You wouldn’t call a baseball player to repair your garbage disposal or an accountant to fix your sump pump, so why would you ever take a chance on using a subpar or inexperienced company when it comes to your residential or commercial plumbing system? Our experts are trained, licensed, bonded and insured, and they bring over two decades’ worth of experience to every job. If you are experiencing plumbing issues or need installation, let our experts handle the work.

Bathroom Plumbing Installation and Repair

Poor plumbing in your bathroom can cause numerous problems. Incorrect installation is usually the cause of ongoing problems, but corrosion and damage can also create issues that make your plumbing difficult and ineffective. Our plumbing professionals offer comprehensive plumbing services, so whatever your needs, we can handle them.

Trust Us for Your Next Kitchen Plumbing Installation or Repair

Are you building a home or remodeling your kitchen? Then you’ll need plumbing installation that matches and complements your design and new appliances. Many remodels require moving plumbing around or expanding the existing plumbing. Our experts can handle this and more – just give us a call.

Do You Need Drain and Sewer Services in Greenacres, FL?

Plumbing systems are complicated, and making sure that your wastewater goes where it’s supposed to is a very important part of your indoor plumbing. Expert design and installation are required to make sure all wastewater exits properly, and our plumbing pros can deliver this to you. We specialize in sewer line work, sump pump installations, drain clearing and many other kinds of drainage. We are happy to install new drains for you or repair the ones you already have.

Drain Cleaning Services

Drains get a workout every single day, and the countless items that flow down them, including soap residue, food particles and hair can all combine to slow or clog your drains. We offer comprehensive sewer and drain cleaning services that feature hydro jetting, and we have emergency service available when needed.

Do You Need Water Heater Installation and Repair Services in Greenacres, FL?

We live in a warm climate, but hot water in your home or business is still a must. Our experts can help you choose and installation a hot water heater, including a tankless system, or repair, replace or maintain your existing one so that it gives good performance throughout the year. We work on both electric and gas models and have emergency service available should you need it.

Tankless Water Heaters

Have you switched to a tankless water heater system, or are interested in doing so? Our plumbing experts can help you install a new unit or take care of your existing one with expert repair, replacement and maintenance services.

Do You Need a Water Treatment System in Greenacres, FL?

If you have concerns about your water or need to have your water softened, we have the filtration and softening systems for you. Our trained experts will review your water treatments needs, determine what type of system will work best for you, and install it correctly the first time around. Already use a water treatment system in your home? Let our pros keep it running optimally with annual maintenance, quality repairs, or complete replacement services.

Reverse Osmosis Systems

Are you interested in using a reverse osmosis system? Then give us a call. We have installed and serviced numerous RO systems for many customers, and we can help you, too. Let our experts help you have the filtered water you want with a reverse osmosis system!

Water Softeners

Hard water can cause problems with your plumbing and dry your hair and skin. The best way to remedy hard water is to add a water softener to your home’s plumbing system, and our plumbing professionals are here to help. We can size and install a new water softener, or make sure your existing one works the way it should.

Water Testing Services

Whether you have well or municipal water coming into your home, it’s important to make sure your water is potable. The experts at Admiral Plumbing Services can test your water and make sure it falls within the accepted levels for usage.