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Water Leak Detection Services in West Palm Beach & Port St Lucie, FL

Water Leak Detection Services by Admiral Plumbing Services

Leaking pipes are one of the most common kinds of plumbing problems that plague homes. But unlike other plumbing repair issues, such as clogged drains, leaking pipes are rarely obvious to the eyes because most of the piping is hidden behind walls, flooring, and cabinets. A difficult part of repairing leaking pipes is simply finding where the leaks are in the first place.

Proper leak detection requires the work of trained professional plumbers armed with special equipment. The plumbers will narrow down where the leak is occurring so they can reach the pipe while causing as little damage to building material as possible. The plumbers at Admiral Plumbing Services have the experience and technology necessary to find leaks fast so they can get to work at the repairs. When you suspect that you have hidden leaks in your home in West Palm Beach, FL, simply pick up the phone and give us a call. We’re here to help you 7 days a week.

The licensed plumbers at Admiral Plumbing Services provide water leak detection services in West Palm Beach, FL and the surrounding areas.

Ways to Know You Need to Fix a Leak

"Wait, how will I even know I need leak detection?" That’s a good question: with leaking pipes hidden behind walls and sometimes down beneath stone flooring, it isn’t always immediately clear that you need to call a plumber. You must rely on smaller warning signs that will tell you it’s time for professional leak detection:

  • Increase in water bills: Even a small leak that lets out a few drops per minute can make a noticeable rise in your water bills. If water costs make a sudden jump that you can’t explain, call for a professional plumber.
  • Spots of discoloration on walls and ceilings: As water collects around a leaking pipe, it will start to destroy drywall. This will first become visible as brownish–red spots along the walls and ceilings.
  • Drop in water pressure: Larger leaks can result in the water pressure decreasing around the house.

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How Plumbers Locate Water Leaks

Our licensed and trained plumbers use a variety of devices and techniques to find where hidden leaks are occurring. Their plumbing knowledge is one of their best tools: they can usually narrow down the possible location of a leak before using any of the more advanced tools.

However, the tools are an important part of pinpointing the exact location of a leak so the plumbers won’t need to cause any unnecessary damage to reach the pipe. Among the leak detection devices that plumbers use for this job are listening discs, ground microphones, and pressure sensors. It requires special training to be able to use the data from this equipment for the best results.

We Offer Water Leak Detection and Water Leak Repair

You never want to delay if you believe that your home has hidden leaks in it. Leaks are progressive: they will grow worse over time, leading to expensive damage to your home, water waste, and loss of parts of your vital plumbing. When you call Admiral Plumbing Services, you’ll receive a fast response from plumbers with all the training and tools necessary to fix the problem. Look to us for any plumbing repairs you may need in West Palm Beach, FL.