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A slab leak is one of the most difficult plumbing problems to find and fix. It’s easy to have one and not know it; its seepage can be a nightmare for homeowners. Count on the industry leaders from Admiral Plumbing ServicesTotal Home Comfort to save you from stress and further damages.

What does a Slab Leak mean?

A slab leak appears when a pipe ruptures underneath the concrete foundation of your home, driveway, or pool deck. This type of leak is complicated to repair because a professional must break through the concrete slab to reach the pipe.


When you have a leak hidden deep beneath solid concrete at your residence, it can be very difficult to detect. So how can you tell? Check for the following signs:

  • Pricey water bills: If you are experiencing higher water bills without increased usage, there is most likely water escaping a pipe somewhere in your residence, under the slab or inside a wall. It’s important that you have a professional perform an assessment immediately.
  • Dripping or splashing sounds: Do you hear running or dripping water in your home when all water sources are turned off?
  • Cracks in walls or flooring: A slab leak can wash away the dirt that supports the foundation of your home in West Palm Beach, compromising its support. The weight of the building can cause the foundation to sag and form cracks in the walls or floor.
  • Mildew underneath the carpet: The outflowing water can seep up through the concrete slab, creating the perfect environment for mold growth.
  • Hot areas: A possible indication of a hot water leak beneath your residence is a hot spot on the floor of your house.

A simple way to determine if water is escaping into or below your home is by utilizing the meter test. Simply turn off all faucets and ensure there are no appliances using water, then go out to your meter and have a look. If the needle is still moving, there is a definite leak, and you should ask a professional for emergency maintenance.

Why Call On Total Home Comfort?

Even the smallest slab leak can be a big crisis, so it’s important to get an experienced professional for outstanding customer service and superior quality repairs. Make sure they can support their help with years of dependable service and thousands of satisfied clients.

An expert doesn’t need to damage your property searching for the source of a leak; breaking into the concrete without first pinpointing the location of the damage is never acceptable. Rely on Admiral Plumbing Services Total Home Comfort to locate the exact location of the damaged pipe by using state-of-the-art thermal imaging and electromagnetic pipeline locators, with no damage to your concrete.

Once the leak is located, our experienced technicians use their extensive training to utilize the smallest entrance hole possible, sometimes even minimizing the disruption of property to a single floor tile. This helps you save on the cost of labor and repairs after the problem is solved.

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Different Methods to Fix a Slab Leak

After we have determined the source of the leak, there are several repair options we might use. Their effectiveness will vary by property and the severity of the damage:

  1. With newer construction, it is often as simple as our plumber opening the concrete directly above the damage and fixing the pipe.
  2. Sometimes with old systems, or a system with a history of problems, it is more cost-effective for the specialist to repipe the entire line rather than attempt a repair.
  3. If there are a lot of leaks throughout the water line, it is sometimes possible for us to apply an epoxy coating to the inside of the pipe to seal the damaged areas, rather than breaking multiple holes in the floor for direct access.

With our flat-rate pricing, there are no hidden costs, and any additional expenses will be discussed with you so there are never any surprises. We also can help you with one-hour emergency service during normal business hours when scheduling permits.

For Your Confidence

At Admiral Plumbing Services Total Home Comfort, we take your home comfort very seriously. We are aware that by hiring us, you are inviting someone who might be unfamiliar into your home or onto your property. We know that can be nerve-wracking.

Every plumbing technician we hire at Admiral Plumbing ServicesTotal Home Comfort must pass a nationwide criminal background check and a drug screening. Our technicians arrive within their scheduled time, driving a company vehicle, neatly dressed in uniform, and sporting a Admiral Plumbing Services Total Home Comfort ID badge. Rest assured that we will leave our work areas neat and tidy, and we will treat your home and furnishings as well we would our own.

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