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Why We Prefer Halo Water Filtration Systems

Let’s take a minute to talk about your health. We want to make sure that everyone in the community we serve has clean drinking water, so that they can feel comfortable filling up a glass of tap water or using a toothbrush run under the bathroom sink. The municipal supply is cleaned and filtered, but some particles and living organisms can still get through to the water supply.

Whether you use the water supply from the city or you have your own private well, you should consider adding in an extra layer of filtration to protect your water supply, your plumbing, and your family members. And we think Halo Water Systems is the perfect solution for most homes.

Halo Water Systems Products

Halo manufactures whole-house water filtration products that can get rid of contaminants in the water that could make you sick, along with contaminants that are bad for your plumbing system. After a consultation with a plumber and a water test, you may decide on adding any of the following systems to your home:

  • Whole-House Water Filtration – Halo Pure systems reduce the number of contaminants in the water using premium-grade multi-stage or single-stage systems to trap particulate within a media filter.
  • Well Water Systems – Custom well water systems can be designed to target the contaminants within your water supply, like iron, sulfur, or manganese.
  • Integrated Filtration and Conditioning – For both water treatment and filtration of sediment.
  • Hard Water – When you have hard water, the mineral deposits (or, scaling) left behind in the pipes and water heater can cause permanent damage. Inline water conditioners and sediment filters protect the home and specific appliances like the water heater.

We have been using Halo Water Systems for years, and we trust these products to truly eliminate your worst water contaminants. Call your local plumber to learn more about water filtration available in your area.

Contact Admiral Plumbing Services, LLC to learn more about Halo Water Systems and our complete water filtration services available in West Palm Beach, FL.

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