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Why a Water Treatment System is a Good Idea

corroded-pipesThere are a lot of different plumbing issues that you need to watch out for if you want to keep your system healthy. Leaks, clogs, and the like are common issues, of course. Water quality is a big one that not enough homeowners pay attention to, though.

The quality of the water in your home can be affected by a wide range of factors, sometimes in ways that are extremely dangerous either to your health or that of your plumbing system. Let’s take a look at some of those factors, and why it’s a good idea to have a water treatment in place to help address them.

Hard Water

Hard water is just water with high levels of magnesium and calcium particles in it. This is harmless to you, but it can cause some major problems for your pipes. Hard water deposits small amounts of calcium and magnesium on the pipe walls as it flows through the system. Eventually, these deposits become lime scale. Lime scale restricts the flow of water through the pipes as it grows, reducing the efficiency of the system. It can be scraped out by a professional to restore proper function to the system, but it has to be done quickly. If the lime scale isn’t removed in time, it will harden and become nearly impossible to remove without damaging the pipes.

The best way to deal with hard water is to install a water softener. This is a device that sits in your water line, and removes the extra magnesium and calcium particles before they make it into your plumbing system. A water softener will make sure that hard water doesn’t have a chance to harm your plumbing.

Lead and Other Mineral Contaminants

When water is drawn from the reservoir, it contains all kinds of harmful elements and minerals. Most of these are removed by the city before the water is piped into your home. No city purification process is perfect, though, and some of them are quite sub-par. There is a not-insignificant chance that there could still be harmful materials in your water by the time it reaches your tap. Some contaminants, like lead, have no minimum safe level of exposure. Any exposure to these contaminants has the potential to cause harm to those who ingest them. If you want to be as certain as possible that your water is clear of these contaminants, you should consider using a water filtration system.

Water filtration systems come in a wide variety of types, including point-of-entry and point-of-use. Whether you want to protect your entire home from water-borne contaminants, or just want to make sure that your drinking water is safe, we’ve got a water treatment system to meet your needs.

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