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What’s the Deal with Hard Water?

water-testing-tube-faucetMaybe you’ve heard that “hard water” is common in your area. Maybe you’re worried about what hard water can do to your health or to your pipes. Our water quality experts have the answers you are looking for. Call our team to get a water treatment installation that’s right for your home or for water testing, but for more information, check out our quick guide.

Hard water ions are relatively harmless to ingest

You may worry when you hear that a vast majority of homes in the US have “hard water.” But this doesn’t actually mean the water is unsafe to drink. In most cases, the hard water ions are harmless. In fact, the minerals most common in hard water are calcium and magnesium, which you’ve likely heard that you should have more of.

However, that shouldn’t free you from worry altogether. The main concern associated with hard water is monetary rather than medical.

Does your home have hard water?

If you have hard water—water with a high mineral content—you have probably already seen some of the signs.

  • You may have to spend some extra time cleaning around faucets and drains with a white or yellowish buildup around them.
  • Water spots appear on dishes after they are washed.
  • Soap may remain in the washer after a load of laundry, or they may not feel clean.
  • Soap scum appears in the bathtub drains, since hard water minerals make it more difficult for soap to dissolve.
  • Hair may feel dull or dry after a shower.
  • In severe cases, you may notice all of these signs and low water pressure.

What hard water does to your plumbing

That same buildup that collects around your drains and faucets can slowly collect inside of your pipes. If the pipes are packed with mineral deposits, it restricts the flow of water through the pipes. Your water pressure may slowly drop, making showers less pleasant and ruining everyday tasks as well. While you may be able to clean the pipes with chemicals, eventually they may need replacement.

Hard water can also damage your appliances. The inlet pipe to your dishwasher, your tankless water heater, and even your coffee maker can be ruined by the mineral deposits, and you may need to spend thousands of dollars prematurely replacing these components of your home.

How to resolve the issue

What softens hard water is a brine solution that replaces the minerals with sodium ions. The best way to keep hard water away is with a whole-house treatment system, and those are available from your local plumber.

You can schedule water testing to determine whether hard water is a serious issue in your home. You’ll need to refill the salt in the tank every three months or so, and it’s a good idea to schedule professional maintenance as well. But this may save your pipes, your appliances, and all of the most important plumbing components you use every day. Call a local plumber to find out more!

Contact Admiral Plumbing Services, LLC for your water softener installation in Jupiter, FL.

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