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How Often Should I Change My Whole-House Water Filter?

If you have recently had a new whole-house water filter installed, or if you moved into a home with a water filter already in place, you may be unsure of how to care for it. You know you’re supposed to change it, but navigating the internet to find out how often can be difficult.

The answer? It depends.

Different filters have different requirements for how often they need to be changed, and that can be confusing if whole-house water filtration is new for you. Still, we’ve got some advice to get you through. Talk to a local plumber to learn more!

Typical Whole-House Water Filtration Schedules

The typical water filter will need to be changed every 2-6 months. That’s a big range! So how can you tell what your filter’s needs are?

Well sediment filters may only need replacement every 2 months. Carbon filters need replacement every 3-6 months. And we recommend going towards the lower end of this range. Algae and mold could potentially grow if you wait 6 months, so sooner is better than later.

Remember: It Depends

Still, these numbers can vary significantly depending on the circumstances. A family of 7 in a large household will need more frequent filter changes than a couple that lives alone. We have some more advice for anyone looking for more information on the topic:

  • Consult the manufacturer’s manual, website, or customer service representatives. They’ll be able to give you a better idea of when they recommend replacing a specific model of filter.
  • Call a plumber. You can get an inspection of your water treatment systems and work out a schedule together.
  • Change the filter if you notice your water quality decreasing or a change in water pressure.

Contact Admiral Plumbing Services, LLC for whole-house water filtration services in North Palm Beach, FL and throughout the area.

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