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Save Today on a HALO 5 Whole-House Water Filtration System

glass-water-faucetSome water filtration systems and water purifiers can only help with a couple of sources of contamination in the water. The HALO 5 does it all. HALO Water Systems is a trusted name in water treatment, with products designed to rid any home’s water supply of the contaminants that cause the most harm and worry.

Right now, Admiral Plumbing Services, LLC is offering a special for one of the most complete water purification systems available—the HALO whole-house water treatment system. Learn more about this product below. Call our friendly staff to learn how you can save $200 on this advanced technology.

Removes Chlorine

Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) filtration is used together with Centaur® High Activity Carbon (HAC) to remove chlorine, chloramine, and other chemicals and gases from the water supply.

Your water likely goes through a treatment process before it ever gets to your home. But the biggest complaint about this treatment process is the way chlorine, used to rid the water of bacteria, can make your home’s water taste and smell. The HALO 5 water system can remove these chemicals, so you can stop buying bottled water or refilling a pitcher. Water tastes great right from the tap.

Removes Suspended Matter

With a HALO 5 system, you have many layers of protection against the particles that you would never want in your water supply. Two media filters work along with the activated carbon to remove a large percentage of the smallest particulate potentially moving into your water supply.

First, a High Density Garnet Filter Media is able to filter out contaminants up to the 10-20 micron range, without inhibiting water flow. This acts as a support for the Filter-AG Plus® which uses an efficient micro-porous media structure to restrict particulate down to 5 microns or smaller.

Water Softening

Hard water is an early death sentence to plumbing pipes everywhere. The minerals in hard water, like calcium and magnesium, can build up in pipes, restricting pipe volume until they become unusable. The HALO 5 is able to soften the water and save pipes and appliances.

The patented HALO ION Inline Water Conditioner works differently than other types of water softening systems. Magnetic fields allow hard water particles to remain suspended in water (rather than attacking pipes), so your pipes and appliances are safe.

No Maintenance

What our customers love about the HALO 5 system is that it is virtually maintenance free. A smart tank prevents system clogging. The high-flow backwash system allows for self-cleaning, meaning you don’t have to keep changing filters. And since the inline water conditioner works differently than other water softeners, you don’t have to worry about the usual upkeep (adding salt to the system).

Limited Time Special Offer

HALO 5 whole house water filtration systems are on sale for a limited time only from Admiral Plumbing Services, LLC. Each system is maintenance free, and comes with a 10-year limited warranty to back it up. Plus, you get the service and expertise of our expert plumbers, so you can feel certain the system is installed properly and securely.

Call our friendly team for water treatment services in Port St. Lucie! Get $200 off a HALO 5 Whole-House Water Treatment System for a limited time!

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