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3 Reasons to Add Water Filtration to Your Home

If you get your water from the city, you probably already know it goes through a treatment system before reaching your home. The treatment system is intense and there are a number of processes the water must go through before it reaches your pipes.

And yet, there are a number of things that could still make it into your plumbing system. Metals and other particles certainly don’t belong in your water, and we urge you to consider a whole house water filtration system.

Reason #1: Municipal treatment can’t solve it all

Unless you have had your water tested, you don’t know for sure what’s lingering in the water. The municipal treatment system is thorough, but there are still some things that can slip by.

A water filter can catch particles and sediment that is much smaller than what the municipal treatment system can filter out. Besides, many people are not pleased with the way the city treats its water. The whole-house water filter gives you water with less chlorine, chloramine, and even pesticides.

Reason #2: Softer skin and hair

Many people are surprised to find that their hair and skin feel softer after they install a whole-house water filter. That’s because a water filter removes sediment, or hard water, to an extent, and it also filters out certain chemicals that can make you itchy. Dechlorination makes for a healthier, happier morning routine.

Reason #3: Never buy bottled water again

When you have a whole–house water filter in your home, you’ll never need bottled water again. The taste of filtered water will show you the difference. If you’ve struggled with the smell or taste of your water in the past, it was likely due to high levels of chemicals. Skipping out on bottled water saves you money, and it’s also a better choice for the environment.

Admiral Plumbing Services, LLC offers excellent service and installation for water filtration systems in the Jupiter, FL area. Call us today!

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