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3 Reasons to Invest in a Water Softener

What’s the big deal with hard water? You’ve probably got older relatives, or you remember conversations with your parents, about how they did just fine bathing and washing dishes in hard water. After all, it’s been proven that minerals in water don’t negatively affect the health of human beings. That’s good news! So why all the fuss about hard water?

Well, while hard water can’t impact your health (yay!), it can impact your comfort and quality of life. If you grew up in a home with well water that had minerals in it, you probably remember the soap stains on your dishes and washing your clothes over and over again trying to get stains out. A water softener in Hobe Sound, FL can improve your life drastically and give you the incentive to start cooking and serving dinner on your sparkly clean plates again!

1. Take Better Care of Your Skin and Hair

Bathing is a science. There are hair and skin products that are designed to help your body look good as you age. These products are sometimes only as good as the water you use to apply them or wash them off. Hard water is perfectly healthy, but it leaves things coarse and grainy because substances have a harder time dissolving in it. What we mean is that you’ll get less value from your hair or skincare products when you are inundated with hard water.

A water softener will give you clear, freshwater that doesn’t have any of the minerals that might come from your well or city source. Then, you’ll be able to get that facial shine, elasticity, or hair volume that you were looking for!

2. Help Your Detergent and Soap Dissolve Better

Hard water also makes it hard to wash dishes or clothes. Since detergents and soaps need to fully dissolve in water in order to be as useful as possible, water that already has minerals in it is going to do a worse job at cleaning materials in your home. With a water softener, you might even need to use less water when running the dishwasher or your washing machine, because one good cycle will do the trick. This difference can actually be pretty huge, since these appliances use a lot of water and energy!

3. Keep Your Plumbing Equipment in Good Shape

Minerals can also do one more insidious thing, and that’s settle. When minerals solidify and settle, they emerge out of your water and sprinkle on the base of your plumbing equipment like a powder. Over just a few years, your water heater’s capacity could dramatically decrease because a good portion of the system’s base is covered in sediment. Likewise, your pipes will start to lose their water pressure and ability to bring you freshwater because of sediment that builds up over time. The only thing that can prevent this from happening is a water softener!

If a waster softener sounds like a good idea, make sure you get yours professionally installed!

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