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Why It’s a Good Idea to Replace a Water Heater Before It Fails

Although your water heater may not have failed just yet, we recommend that many customers replace their water heaters before this happens. Replacing a water heater early on eliminates the hassle that goes along with a completely broken down system, and a new water heater may even save you money on your monthly utilities. Learn more in our short guide below!

Water Heaters Have an Expected Lifespan

The fact of the matter is that any water heater is going to fail eventually. Some sources (and user’s manuals) suggest that you should replace a water heater every 10-15 years. And about 37% of water heaters nationwide are 10 years old or older according to ENERGY STAR.

Dealing with the hassle of a broken down water heater is not ideal. You have to deal with the quick decision of selecting a new water heater, and you may not have time to really consider all of your options. Besides, a broken water heater may mean leaks in your home, which involves a major cleanup and some potential property damage.

Your Water Heater May Have Been Discontinued

Another reason to install a new water heater today is that the right model for your home could actually be a discontinued unit. Recently, the U.S. banned the manufacturing of very large electric water heaters due to concerns about energy usage. This means you may be unable to find an electric (non-heat pump) tank water heater in your price range that holds enough water for your family’s needs. But contractors are still allowed to sell these discontinued systems while they are available. Act today to ensure you get the system you need for your home.

Admiral Plumbing Services, LLC still carries a selection of 65-gallon, 80-gallon, and 120-gallon electric water heaters for installation in Jupiter, FL. Call our super friendly team for exceptional service!

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