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How to Find Out What Size Water Heater You Need

water-heater-tankSelecting a new water heater is a bit more complicated than shopping around for the best washer/dryer or the right oven and stovetop. Design, performance, and budget tend to be the most important considerations for appliances like these. But with a water heater, it’s not really about the look of things.

Sizing a water heater is of key importance before selecting the right one to install. Learn more about this often-complex process in the guide below.

Choosing the Right Size for Your Home

Selecting the right water heater for your home is more difficult than it may seem. Some online guides tend to simplify the process, citing a direct correlation between household size and tank size. However, we recommend telling a plumber about any these circumstances that may lead to a larger sizing need.

  • Deep soaking tubs or whirlpools that are frequently used.
  • Appliances that are used at the same time as other fixtures.
  • Whether multiple showers are often in use at once.

Most homeowners need a water heater tank that stores less than 55 gallons of water. All-in-all, we recommend that you talk to a plumber before deciding on the proper size.

Going Tankless

After some consideration, you may decide it’s a better idea to go tankless. This is a great alternative to conventional tank water heaters, for many reasons.

  • Better efficiency – Your monthly bills should be much lower when you switch to a tankless water heater. It’s more efficient because tankless units only start up when you need them. They don’t waste energy running all day, only when you turn on the hot water.
  • Smaller size – The smaller size of a tankless unit may mean more room for storage, or a better more discreet location for your water heater.
  • Longer lifespan – While there’s a higher upfront cost, a tankless water heater should outlive a tank water heater, which means it’s overall value is higher (especially considering the montly savings).

“Sizing” a tankless water heater means finding the right flow rate for your home. However, even with a high flow rate, you may need to purchase several tankless water heaters for a larger home or household, in order to ensure multiple fixtures can be used at once and hot water doesn’t take too long to reach fixtures. Ask a plumber to help determine the proper flow rate.

Need an Electric Water Heater?

Don’t have a viable natural gas connection leading into your home? You’ll need a water heater that runs on electricity, of course. However, it can be tough to find if your household size is rather large. Recent changes to the regulations regarding the efficiency or energy usage of water heaters have led to some difficulty manufacturing larger electric water heaters that fit within the guidelines. They cost a lot to run and use a whole lot of energy.

If you need an electric water heater larger than 55 gallons, it’s in your best interest to get a heat pump water heater (which is likely easier to find). A heat pump water heater costs more to install than a regular electric tank water heater, but it uses significantly less energy.

An electric heat pump water heater moves heat into the tank by transferring it from the air around the unit. Moving heat is a more efficient process than producing heat by conventional means (electric resistance heating), which means your bills may reduce significantly.

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