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Traditional Water Heater or Tankless Unit: Which Is the Better Choice?

Tank water heaters are a standard when it comes to new installations, but tankless units gain popularity each year as homeowners become more concerned about their energy consumption. Is a tankless water heater a better choice for your home? It’s possible, but not necessarily the case for every situation. Learn more in today’s post.

Tankless water heaters save energy

Tankless water heaters do save electricity or fuel each month, and the amount can be significant when added up over the years. A tank water heater must stay heated all day so that you have hot water whenever you need it. But a tankless water heater just heats the water on demand, which means it only uses energy in brief spurts. On top of the monthly savings, these systems benefit many because they compact and can give you more room for storage.

But tank water heaters are still a good choice

Tankless water heaters do cost more upfront, especially since you may need more than one for a larger household. And while the long lifespan and total energy savings through the years could offset the cost, it may take a while for you to reap the benefits. Tank water heaters are still a great choice in many homes. They deliver hot water to your faucet faster, cost less initially, and they should last decades with the proper care and maintenance.

Ask your technician about other options as well

Tank and tankless water heaters are both suitable options for nearly any home, and there are additional options on top of these. Heat pump water heaters are efficient because they use the heat in the air around them to heat up water. Solar water heaters are also available, and are a great step toward a more efficient home. Ask your local technician for help with this decision and advice about what may be best for your home.

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