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Signs of Imminent Water Heater Troubles

Here’s a fun fact: There isn’t actually a season where we use hot water more. In fact, Americans tend to use hot water equally throughout the entire year, which would make sense. We like hot, comfortable showers in the summer just as much as we do in the winter, and we tend to wash dishes with hot water regardless of the outdoor temperature. The only difference is that a water heater has to work harder in the wintertime than in the summertime, due to the temperature differential.

However, not having hot water in the wintertime can be absolutely brutal, since those hot showers do more heavy lifting on a chilly winter’s day. Even during our mild winters, having a malfunctioning water heater can be a big problem for homes with kids, pets, and elderly folks as showers and baths become a lot less comfortable.

So, here are a few ways to tell that your water heater is doing too much heavy lifting, and it’s likely to collapse and require water heater repair in Jupiter, FL.

Don’t Hesitate to Call for Help

If you detect any of the following problems in your water heater, then it’s very likely the system needs to be repaired. Luckily, you’re reading a blog post located on the site of a pretty well-known and established team of expert plumbers who can easily fix any problem you might have. So, don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and discuss this with a pro!

A Leaking Water Heater

First things first, a water heater is supposed to keep the hot water in your pipes, not dump it on your floor. If at any point you detect a water leak in your home around your water heater system, then you need to call for support.

Leaks can be bad for a number of reasons. They represent some kind of integral flaw in your system that’s allowing water to leak out. This can only get worse over time and lead to more leaking water.

Also, leaking water can eventually cause mold to grow and the deterioration of things like antique furniture in the vicinity.

Poor Water Pressure

When you turn on the hot water spigot on your faucet, the water comes directly from your water heater. Therefore, it’s important to notice when your hot water comes slowly or abruptly every time you turn it on since that could be a problem with pressure inside the system, an undetected leak, or something else causing the water heater to have trouble regulating the pressure.

Issues With Water Heater Temperature

Every storage tank water heater has a temperature gauge on it to give homeowners an idea of how hot the water is in there. This should be regulated and adjusted by a professional since different models in different homes have ranges of temperature thresholds. If your water heater is sending out scorching hot water when you just need warm water, that can be a big problem.

Likewise, if your water heater can’t quite heat up water enough for a warm bath, then you’ve got the opposite problem that needs to be repaired.

At Admiral Plumbing Services, LLC, you can count on nice people and super service. Call our super-friendly team today!

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