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Precautions to Take with a Leaky Water Heater

When a water heater fails to work when you really need it, it can be quite a disappointment, especially when the sink is full of dishes or you could really use a shower. But what makes it worse is taking a look at your water heater only to find that it’s leaking on the floor!

You need to act fast if you want to prevent damage and stop the flooding. Here’s what you should know so that you can be extra careful around your hot water system.

Turn off the water heater

The first step you should take is to turn off the water heater in order to prevent further damage and any possible safety issues. Remember, do not touch the tank, and make sure you can reach the water heater unit safely.

  • Electric water heaters: You’ll have to check the circuit breaker to find the switch that leads to your water heater and switch it off.
  • Gas water heaters: There should be an on/off switch on the unit itself. However, if you cannot find this, you may need to shut off the gas supply to the unit. You can find the gas shut off valve around the bottom of the tank.

Shut off the water

Next, you’ll need to shut off the cold water supply that moves water into the tank. There should be a shut off valve that leads directly to the water heater. It may be located right above or beside the water heater, and you’ll need to pull a lever or turn the dial clockwise. If you cannot find the valve, you might have to find the shut off valve that services your whole home.

Call a plumber

A plumber is the only one who can drain your tank, assess the issue, and get your water heater working properly again (or find a replacement unit). It might be that there is only a leaky valve that needs replacement. On the other hand, you could have a leak in the tank itself, and in that case, the whole system needs replacement.

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