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How Hot Should Your Water Get?

When you turn on the tap in your kitchen sink, how does it feel? Sure, unless you’ve got a state-of-the-art hot water system, it’s going to take a few seconds for the hot water to reach your tap, but then what? Does it make you yearn for more when it’s set as high as it can go? Or perhaps you’re comfortable with the amount of heat you get, only to see it diminish quite rapidly when filling up a pot or trying to do dishes?

These are the kinds of questions we’d like you to start asking yourself. The heat of your water is important because it can give us a clue as to the state of your water heater and your home comfort overall. We want homeowners to be vigilant when it comes to their water heaters in West Palm Beach, FL, so that we can help you achieve maximum comfort.

Hot Water Is Vital

The reason why we’re writing this blog post is that sometimes hot water heaters can start to let up on their ability to heat the water in your home. It can be obvious when your hot water is starting to feel more lukewarm than hot, but many homeowners don’t really do anything about it. There are probably a million other stressful things going on in your home that you’d rather take care of first before your slightly less-than-hot water heater, right?

Well, a lack of hot water can be a sign that your water heater is on its way out. Or, it could need vital repairs that are being ignored because the only sign it’s giving off is the lack of hot water. Regardless of whether you need to replace or repair your water heater, constant hot water in your home is a necessity these days.

Not only will a lack of hot water impact your comfort and your ability to take hot showers or baths, but it will also impact you in the following ways.

It’s Important Not to Settle

Look, we understand that once winter is almost over you’ll be using hot water less. Cold showers will have a renewed novelty in your home and you might even make cold drinks for once. However, this doesn’t skip over the problem at hand. Your water heater needs to be able to produce hot water at a reasonable temperature for your well-being.

Take your dishwasher for example. These high-tech appliances rely on two things: detergent that can break down germs and grease, and hot water that will pull up the contaminants from your dishes through constant washing and steam. Without hot water, your dishwasher will struggle to run and might even lose out on efficiency as it uses more mild-temperature water to do the same job it would with hot water.

Your laundry system is the same way. It requires hot water to a certain temperature in order to function properly. It doesn’t really matter whether we’re in the dead of winter or the middle of summer, your home requires constant access to hot water! It needs to be hot enough for appliances to work, not just for comfort purposes.

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