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Don’t Insulate Your Water Heater on Your Own

The science behind insulation is fairly simple. If you cover something with enough layers, the layers will stop the heat from escaping and allow appliances like a water heater to retain heat and stay efficient. The type of material and the composition of the coverings can also make a pretty big difference, so you’ll want to make sure you’re doing your research. The problem is, there’s a lot to research in this field. And one small issue can lead to no hot water for weeks and even an expensive problem on your hands.

We’re big proponents of homeowners getting more familiar with their plumbing technology. This is an essential part of your home, so we think it’s extremely valuable for you to know more about your water heater in Delray Beach, FL. So, let’s talk about why taking the time to insulate your water heater on your own may prove ineffective.

Choosing the Right Materials

First of all, not every type of material is going to be okay for insulating your water heater. Some materials, like certain foams, might have good insulating qualities but can quickly deteriorate over time. Then, you’ll be stuck cleaning up the material as well as breathing it in. In some cases, certain insulating materials can also be a fire hazard, and if you keep your water heater nearby your gas furnace, then your home could be in danger if you encounter any problems.

Plumbers know exactly what kinds of materials can be used to insulate a water heater. We’ll even know what materials to use in a specific or unique situation, so we’d recommend deferring to our experience on this one.

The Location Is Important

Sometimes basements and crawlspaces get inundated with moisture. Especially for old houses, this problem can be almost unavoidable with a dehumidifier to keep things dry. This means that your insulation materials might start harboring mold if they get even slightly moist.

Take the location of your water heater into account when thinking about insulating it. If the location gets even a tiny bit of moisture, you’ll be engaging in a battle against mold that isn’t going to end any time soon. Remember, we’re trying to remove the number of stress headaches you deal with, not have them happen more often!

Most Water Heaters Are Already Insulated

Here’s a fun fact: did you know that water heaters are actually already insulated? The tanks have a layer of glass that contains the water so it doesn’t corrode the tank, but the tank itself is made out of extremely well insulated and durable materials. Many water heaters actually reach very high energy efficiency levels without any outside help for insulation.

Our friendly technicians can actually tell you whether or not extra insulation is necessary, or if it just won’t be worth the additional cost. In most cases, our specific knowledge of brands and models will allow us to know exactly what your water heater is made of and how well insulated it is. We’ll be able to tell you if any improvements need to be made!

At Admiral Plumbing Services, LLC, you can count on nice people and super service. Call our super-friendly team today.

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