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3 Things to Know about Tankless Water Heaters

If your older storage tank water heater is breaking down, you might assume that you have to replace it with another tank water heater—one of those large units that keeps hot water available at all times. But a tankless water heater is a viable option for nearly any home, and it takes up a lot less space since the small fixture only heats up water right when you need it. Learn more about these systems below, or call our friendly service technicians!

They can save you quite a bit of money

One of the main reasons homeowners trade in their tanks for tankless water heaters is that they can save a whole lot of money. The standby energy loss associated with standard tank water heaters can be quite high. They keep running all throughout the day and night, while you’re sleeping or at work and don’t really need any hot water at this time.

But since a tankless water heater heats up on demand, as water is flowing through the unit, you don’t throw away money throughout the day. Although the upfront cost could be higher, tankless water heaters tend to have longer lifespans than tanks, which means that you’ll save more money over time, offsetting that initial cost.

You might need more than one

You should know that one tankless water heater isn’t always enough. If you have a larger home or if more than one shower is often in use at a time, you should have a second tankless water heater to help meet those demands.

They need maintenance too

Tankless water heaters need maintenance just like any other major system in your home. With regular maintenance, your water heater lasts longer, performs better, and uses even less energy. Call your local plumbers to learn more!

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