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3 Things to Remember About Your Water Heater

Today, we’re talking about water heaters. You probably already know this, but your water heater is integral to your entire way of life. From hot showers, to laundry, to even doing the dishes after a holiday feast, you’re really not getting anywhere without your water heater. This is why it’s so important that we are honest with ourselves, and our prospective service technician about the state of our water heating system. The truth is that not many homeowners know the ins and outs of their water heating systems!

So, today we’re going to talk about some very important things in regards to water heaters. Water heaters in West Palm Beach need to be taken care of, and the more you know about your water heating system, the better off your’s will be.

Let’s talk about some very important things you should always remember about your water heater.

Paying Attention to What’s Important

What we’re about to talk about isn’t just some list of fun facts, they matter to your budget, your home’s comfort, and the condition of your water heater. You’re not going to know everything about your water heater, but when you sit down and focus on the important aspects of it, you might be able to improve your home comfort and save money down the line.

1. Standby Heat Loss

This is a term we use regularly in the industry which describes the heat that gets wasted from your tank water heater. While those of us with tankless water heating systems might be off the hook, tank systems are far more conventional and seen in more homes. So, if you’ve got a tank water heater, you’re probably suffering from standby heat loss issues.

Don’t be too alarmed. Tank water heaters are well insulated, which means they only waste minimal energy due to standby heat loss, but it absolutely still happens. Take this into account when deciding to replace your ancient water heating system with a new one. Tankless units won’t waste any energy due to standby heat loss, so you could save money down the line by investing in one.

2. Corrosion Over Time

When you’ve got a tank water heating system, you’re probably dealing with corrosion on a regular basis. Any metal tank will start to corrode when it spends 10+ years in contact with water. That being said, there’s actually a component of your water heating system that’s meant to deal with this call the anode rod. This rod soaks up the majority of corrosion so that your tank walls remain structurally intact. Making sure your anode rod is in good shape is a great reason to invest in yearly maintenance.

3. Leaks Need to Be Dealt With

Too many homeowners think they can patch a leak from their water heater on their own. While it might seem like a good idea when trying to cut costs, it’s ultimately going to cost you more in the end. Leaks can spring up due to other problems in your water heater and you’ll always require the trained hand of a professional to get to the bottom of it.

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