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Yes, a Garbage Disposal Is Absolutely Worth It

While you’ve probably known about the convenience aspect of a garbage disposal, we’re betting you haven’t heard much about the environmental impact they can have. When it comes to a garbage disposal unit, they’re a combination of convenience, proper waste removal, and drain cleaning all mixed into one beautiful package. That’s why we are so concerned with writing a blog post about them—ideally, we’d love to have every home that calls for a plumber in West Palm Beach, FL have a garbage disposal installed.

So, in light of this, today we’re going to talk about the advantages of a garbage disposal. From the moment your food waste enters it, to the time it reaches a water treatment plant, there are a ton of useful reasons for having a garbage disposal, aside from convenience. We’re pretty certain you’ll want one after we spend some time to fill you in on the details!

Where Does Our Food Waste Go?

This is the most crucial question to ask when approaching the decision to invest in a garbage disposal unit. While some homeowners might deem them unnecessary, they’re avoiding the alternative of dealing with food waste that needs to be emptied in the trash.

  • Sending your food waste to a landfill. This is the first and most common option for food waste. We dump our waste into our trash bags which eventually get sent to a landfill. This means your organic, decomposable material mixes with plastics and glass that won’t decompose. We recommend trying to contribute as little as possible to a landfill.
  • Composting. Now that we’re entering the 20’s, composting is definitely a way of the future. Being able to separate decomposable material from contaminating trash, means you can lower your waste impact significantly. However, composting can be expensive without the right equipment and systems already in place.
  • Water treatment facility. This is where your garbage disposal comes in. With the added benefit of a system like this that grinds up your food waste to be easily digested by your plumbing, it gets sent to a water treatment facility where it can be properly decomposed by bacteria and enzymes.

The Environmental Impact

Garbage disposals cut down the cost we spend on transporting food waste from our homes to a landfill. This also cuts down the cost we would spend on compostable material if you were to try and build a compost pile as well. To us, a garbage disposal is the simplest and most effective solution for disposing of your food waste, allowing the professionals at a water treatment facility to break it down, avoiding the use of garbage trucks altogether.

Worried about odors or the results of dumping your food waste down the drain? No problem, just use a combination of baking soda and lemon juice! The acid from the lemon juice will neutralize any bacteria as well as keep it smelling like citrus, while the baking soda eradicates any lingering odors. With a garbage disposal, you have access to a clean, natural, and convenient way of dealing with your food waste. Don’t hesitate to get one installed today!

Looking for help installing a garbage disposal? At Admiral Plumbing Services, LLC, you can count on nice people and super service. Call our super friendly team today!

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