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Why You Should Never Use Chemical Drain Cleaner

Chemical drain cleaners are a huge concern for us. Widely available at almost every grocery store with well-funded and powerful advertisement campaigns, we’re often serving as the coroner for deceased plumbing systems after they’ve come in contact with these chemicals. As the coroner and gravedigger of so many rotted pipes, we’d really like to prevent these plumbing issues from occurring in the first place, and that starts with talking about how harmful chemical drain cleaners are.

If you’re looking to avoid expensive work on your plumbing in Port St. Lucie, FL (no offense taken, people only call the plumber when they feel like they absolutely have to) then you’re going to want to avoid chemical drain cleaners. They can destroy your plumbing, cause awful health effects, ruin your property and the environment, all while barely working as is.

If you’re still not convinced, keep reading and we’ll surely get you to think otherwise.

Destructive Formula

Chemical drain cleaners often tell you how they’re so acidic that they will disintegrate or destroy whatever is clogging your pipe system. What they don’t tell you, is that this same formula will destroy the lining of your pipes as well. Acidic, caustic, and oxidizing drain cleaners all have their own problems that either destroy your plumbing in the process of clearing a clog, or making the clog worse. In the case of alkaline drain cleaners, they can be heavier than the water in your pipes, and contribute to the clogging mess which is inherently antithetical to their usage.

Health and Safety Concerns

Chemical drain cleaners produce fumes and heat. The fumes can be irritating to your nose and eyes, while lasting hours after you’ve poured them down the drain, effectively rendering your bathroom or kitchen unusable. Skin or eye contact with said chemicals can be painful and extremely harmful if the contact is prolonged. In the event that a homeowner accidentally mixes two different drain cleaners, the results can be catastrophic—leading to an exothermic reaction that can cause pipes to violently explode.

Harmful to the Environment

These chemicals might be nasty in your pipes, but they’re even worse when they reach the outdoors. Chemical drain cleaners must be treated as hazardous waste, since they can contaminate the water supply when they leave your home. The violent reactions that they can have in your pipes can still happen when they leave your plumbing system, so they’re treated carefully and can lead to pollution problems in your nearby environment or community if left untreated. Plumbers often have solutions that only involve safe and effective equipment like augers, or the use of clean water in processes like hydro jetting. Hire a plumber and save yourself the environmental impact of your choice.

They Barely Even Work

Don’t just take our word for it, it’s true! Chemical drain cleaners have a horrible track record for unclogging drains. Experienced plumbers like the ones on our team, don’t leave until the job is done. We use safe and effective methods that leave your pipes clear without hurting them, the environment, or you.

Struggling with a clogged drain? At Admiral Plumbing Services, LLC, you can count on nice people and super service. Call our super friendly team today!

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