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When Should You Replace a Toilet?

Is it time to replace your home’s toilets yet? Find out in today’s guide, where we look at why it’s important to replace a toilet that leaks from the tank or bowl and why you might consider replacing your toilet to do some good for the environment!

Major Leaks

Some toilet leaks are not too difficult for a plumber to repair. If water leaks from the water supply line that leads to the toilet or the water supply valve on the wall, shut off the valve and call a plumber for a repair.

When you notice water pooling on the floor around the toilet, don’t panic. You may only need to make an adjustment to the bolts on the floor. If there are plastic covers over the bolts, remove these. Then, make an adjustment to the bolts one by one, drying the water as you go to see if it solves the problem. If not, a plumber can help you replace the wax seal that may be the source of the leak.

However, there are two scenarios where your toilet will not be safe.

  • Cracks in the tank.
  • Water leaks from the bottom of the bowl.

A new toilet is typically the only secure option in this instance.

To Save Water

A lot of people are ditching their older toilets, even though they may be working just fine, in order to do their part and help the environment. Low-flush toilets use a lower volume of water while increasing the pressure per flush, reducing water usage while still flushing properly.

Older toilets installed in the 1980s or before that time used 3.5 gallons of water per flush. Toilets manufactured today are required to use only 1.6 gallons, more than half of what they used to.

To learn more about toilet replacements in Jupiter, FL, contact Admiral Plumbing Services, LLC. We’ve just been awarded the Best of Home Advisor Award for 2016. Call our super friendly team for exceptional service!

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