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What Exactly Is Trenchless Pipe Lining?


For returning customers who feel comfortable around us, we get asked a lot of questions surrounding the work we do. Showing up with questions is a great way to ensure you’re a well-informed customer that’s trying to get a good deal.

We respect that, and we’ll always do our best to answer your questions and keep things surface-level.

Trenchless technology is one of those things that just didn’t exist a few decades ago. And now it does. What gives? Is it some kind of technological marvel that’s too complicated to explain to homeowners? Or is it some simple invention that we just didn’t think of until now?

Well, in reality, trenchless pipe lining in West Palm Beach, FL is a little bit of both. It didn’t exist before but it also is something that plumbers needed to correctly figure out. If you’re interested in learning about this service, then keep reading!

Going Underground Without Digging

The search for a new and innovative way to reline underground pipes started with the fact that digging was hard to do. Previously, in order to repair a pipe that was damaged or broken, it needed to be dug up from under the ground.

Digging holes that are several feet deep requires either expensive machinery or hours of hard work that homeowners didn’t necessarily love paying for.

Plumbers realized that there was a hidden solution on their hands–the pipes themselves. Even broken pipes serve as a pathway to reach an underground pipe without digging it up.

If a trenchless system could reach down through a pipe and repair the pipe lining on its own, then the whole job could be done without digging at all!

That’s where we get introduced to the vast assortment of epoxy pipe lining systems.

What Is “Epoxy” or “Resin?”

Here are a few definitions that can help you understand what these materials are.

Trenchless pipe lining materials are made out of resin, which is basically another word for a material that can be turned into a plastic.

Resins can be naturally occurring secretions of plants, or they can be artificially constructed, but either way, they’re liquids that can be turned into powerful solids, used in construction and other services.

Epoxy is just a certain type of resin. It can quickly be molded into a shape while it’s a liquid, and then cured to be a strong solid. Epoxy is perfect for taking the shape of your pipe on its own, creating a new barrier, and curing in record time without any special equipment or an extra set of hands.

It’s More Affordable Than Excavation

Using this type of resin to create a new trenchless pipe lining for your underground plumbing system is an incredible advancement. For as expensive as it might be to produce these materials, it’s nowhere near as expensive as it would be to pay plumbers or other professionals to dig several feet underground to repair pipes the old-fashioned way.

It’s safe to say that trenchless pipe lining services are just more affordable and efficient than old-school excavation. So be sure to check them out for yourself when they’re needed!

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