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What Do You Do When Your Wedding Ring Is Stuck in the Toilet?

It’s the most important piece of jewelry you own but then, suddenly, it’s gone. You’ve dropped it into the toilet, and you’re not sure if you’ll ever get it back. But never fear—this is something that most plumbers have dealt with at some point in their careers. Dropping items in the plumbing system is nothing new, and a trained plumber with the right equipment might be able to extract it for you.

Don’t Panic

Remember, plumbers see this kind of thing all the time, so it’s nothing to worry too much about. It is very possible that the ring is still near the opening of the toilet drain. Due to a lack of buoyancy, the ring may not have flushed in the first place, so you or your plumber might be able to reach it just by reaching into the toilet bowl.

This may be a task for your plumber, as you don’t want to potentially push down the ring any further. A small drain auger and inspection equipment (or a flashlight) might be necessary if the jewelry is still in the bowl.

Call a Plumber to Remove Your Toilet

Your toilet has what’s called a trap. It works in the same way at the P-trap underneath your sink (that curved piece of pipe you see when you open the cabinet). The ring could be located somewhere in the trap or a little further along in the toilet. In either case, the toilet will require removal.

A plumber will shut off the water supply, drain the toilet bowl and tank, and carefully remove screws to remove the toilet. They may have to turn the unit upside down to attempt to shake the ring out. They may need to use inspection equipment to look further along in the pipes. In any case, this is always a job for a professional plumber.

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