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What Can You Do When Your Toilet Overfills

You flush the toilet, but the bowl just won’t drain. In fact, it appears to be ready to overflow! Don’t panic. We’ve got some advice that will help you know how to solve that problem right away if it happens in the future. Call a local plumbing contractor for help or for more information!

Don’t panic as the water is filling

Toilets are designed so that water filling up the bowl from the tank should not displace the water in the bowl if it is clogged. Even if the water looks like it may overflow, it could actually be fine. If the bowl is very full and shows no signs of draining, don’t flush the toilet again until you have resolved the problem.

Lift the float cup

Open up the top of the tank and set the lid aside. Pull up on the float cup, which detects when the tank has filled up with water. This will close the flapper valve and stop water from coming in (or you can press down on the flapper valve if this isn’t working).

Shut off the water valve

A definite way to stop water from coming into the bowl or into the tank is to shut off the supply valve. This is usually located right next to the toilet where you can see it, and all you have to do is give it a turn.

Try a plunger or call a plumber

Finally, you can try using a plunger to get rid of the clog. Make sure you have a sturdy plunger that can seal tightly to the hole at the bottom of the bowl and put in pressure when pushing down, while pulling up quickly afterwards (without breaking the seal). If you cannot unclog it, you might wait for the water level to reduce and try again later. But at this point, you probably need to call in an expert.

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