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What CAN You DIY?


Plumbing systems are complicated. And with new technological breakthroughs, they’re becoming even more complex. It’s becoming pretty normal to call a plumber for any problem that comes your way.

And, to make things even worse, a faulty DIY or amateur job can lead to some pretty serious problems like a leaking pipe or a poorly set-up appliance.

So, the big question becomes when is it actually possible to do any recommended DIY work? What even is DIY?

Steer clear of those online guides or tutorials that tell you how to do things like pipe replacement or leak detection in Jupiter, FL on your own. But perhaps the following few projects could be perfect for you and the family.

Just make sure that when things get extra stressful, or when you start feeling like you’re in over your head, you contact a trusted plumber to get the job done!

Keep Your Appliances Clean

Plumbing work is always easier with clean surfaces, clean appliances, and a cleared basement. Think about it, many pipes travel from your kitchen or bathroom to your basement or crawlspace, and if there’s a lot of stuff in there, you’ll never be able to get a good look at it.

The same thing goes for your kitchen drain. If your kitchen sink is always dirty, it’ll be harder to detect if it’s clogged. It could just be the fact that it’s full of food waste from dinner last night, or your drain could be forming a clog that requires professional support. Unfortunately, a cleaner work area is going to be easier to detect problems.

Inspect Your Plumbing System

It’s much harder to detect a plumbing problem if you’re not a professional. So, in that case, you’re really never going to be able to give the kind of plumbing inspection that a master plumber would. But you can do your best and give a quick look at your plumbing.

Try to find out if any pipes are leaking or if any drains are clogged first. Then, run multiple faucets and showers at once to see if there’s a measurable change in water pressure. These can be signs that your plumbing system is worn down and not set up to handle the load that it needs to.

Detect Some Leaks

Here’s a great family activity you can take part in. Shut off all of the water-using appliances in the house and make sure that nobody is taking any showers, running the laundry, or using a sink. Then, head outside to your water meter and check to see what it reads. If it’s showing that your house is still using water, then you’ve likely got a leak somewhere!

However, finding a leak beyond this can be very difficult. A pinhole leak, for example, will be the size of a pinhole and possibly drip every few hours. This will mean that it might not have a puddle underneath it and you could miss it in broad daylight. At this level, we’d recommend investing in professional leak detection with a trained plumber.

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