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What to Do about Wet Spots in the Wall or Ceiling

leaky-pipe-burstThink about any time you’ve seen water leaking in a home in a television show, a cartoon, or a movie. Leaky pipes are not the most exciting event, until water is bursting up through a pipe, blasting right out of the sink handle, or filling up the home. It usually comes at one of the most inopportune moments, all at once.

Of course, plumbers know that leaks and other plumbing problems don’t usually act this way. Rather than a flood of water in your bathroom, you may only notice a slight drop in water pressure. But one of the worst signs of a potentially problematic plumbing system is a wet or dark spot on your walls or ceilings.

What It Could Mean

There are a few possibilities for what could be causing wet or dark spots to appear in your walls or ceiling.

  • A dark spot may be caused by a leak in the pipes, something you’ll need to rule out first and foremost.
  • Alternatively, the leak may be a roof leak.
  • High levels of humidity can cause moisture to buildup in an area, particularly a part of the home with little insulation.

Ruling Out the Possibilities

A roof or pipe leak will typically leave its mark on only one part of the ceiling (or walls). Often, the only way to know for sure is to rip out that part of the wall.

On the other hand, if humidity has a role in the accumulation of moisture and dust on your ceiling and walls, you may notice splotches of darkness throughout a room or throughout a particular wall. By the time you notice the issue, it may not be so severe that you cannot remedy the damage.

Could It Be Benign?

When a humid environment leads to condensation on the walls and ceilings, there is something that can be done. This issue is called “ghosting”—the seemingly random appearance of dark spots on walls. You may need to work on ventilating the home better or adding in some additional insulation. In any case, talk to a local technician, rather than a plumber, to help resolve your humidity troubles.

Repairing the Pipes

Unfortunately, you may learn that a leak in the pipes needs your attention. There are ways that plumbers have learned to minimize the damage to your property while making repairs. If the pipes need to be replaced, however, it can be a much larger task. In either case, this can only be done, however, if you use qualified plumbers with the proper credentials for the job.

Mold Control and Damage Restoration

Finally, if there are wet spots in the wall or ceiling, even if you get the source of the problem, it’s important to do what you can to get any mold, and any water damage, under control. If you believe your home has developed mold, be sure to speak with restoration specialists ASAP. Otherwise, you may have to work with a remodeling contractor to restore the damage.

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