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When Is Trenchless Pipelining Necessary?

home-with-pretty-yardThere aren’t many repairs in your home that likely cause more alarm than that of plumbing repairs. With most of your pipes hidden behind the walls or running beneath your property, the smallest problem can quickly turn into a huge emergency, particularly if you don’t notice signs of a problem right away.

In the past, when this hidden portion of your plumbing needed relining, repair, or replacement, if often meant plumbers had to uncover the entire length of the pipe in order to repair leaks or clogs. Fortunately, there has been advancements in the world of plumbing that has made these jobs far easier for professional plumbers. Namely, trenchless pipelining.

“But, When Do I Need This?”

Do you need trenchless pipelining for every leak or pipe issue you might have throughout the lifespan of your plumbing? No, not necessarily. For instance, if you had a leak in a pipe under the sink in your bathroom, that portion of plumbing can easily be replaced.

But what if that leak is in your sewer line, running beneath your yard, or in a water line running under another part of your property? If the leak is minor enough and major corrosion hasn’t required full pipe replacement (which we can determine through video pipe inspection), then it’s probably time for trenchless pipelining!

More About Trenchless Repair

Trenchless pipelining and trenchless pipe repair cuts down on the inconvenience and expense of sewer line repairs, considerably. You won’t need to worry about renting construction equipment, or unearthing the entire pipe. Our plumbers use tiny video cameras that run inside the pipe to pinpoint the exact cause and location of the problem. The technician can then dig two small holes on either side of the issue, then come up with a solution.

And in many cases, that solution is sewer pipe relining, or pipelining. What exactly is relining, you ask?

A component resembling a balloon, made of a rugged material that can easily withstand the pressure of material and water moving through your sewer line, is use for relining. Your plumber lowers this into place through those two small holes we just mentioned, then inflates this “balloon” until it lines the inside of the affected pipe, covering the leak in the process. In many cases, the outside of this pipe lining can be covered in a sealant that is designed to strengthen the bond between the lining and the pipe—this ensures that the leak stays sealed no matter what.

“Can I Do This On My Own?”

The most important part of pipe relining is ensuring that this lining is properly in place. Our pros are highly skilled at doing this, without any excavation of your yard or landscaping. Our plumbers will make sure that everything goes swiftly. We’ll cleanly seal the holes and restore water flow to your system, sparing you the cost of equipment and the inconvenience of a torn up yard. You’ll breathe easier knowing your sewer line is functional again, and won’t need to worry about the future repair needs that a DIY or amateur plumbing job can create.

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