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Time for a Toto Toilet!

We don’t talk about toilets nearly enough on this blog, and when we do, it’s usually just about your typical toilet system. Most homeowners don’t even know that they can upgrade their toilet to a number of wonderful new types of toilets that are better for you and your plumbing system.

The neat part about upgrading your toilet system with the help of professional toilet plumbing in Boynton Beach, FL, is that you can do it how you want to. There are various different types of Toto toilets available from our team, and each one is designed to help a certain aspect of your life. From heated seats, to a built-in bidet, to a more ergonomic form that will help your back and give you better posture.

Let’s jump right into why a Toto toilet is totally for you!

What’s Wrong with Your Toilet?

Everyone has some kind of nostalgia surrounding their toilet. If you’ve had your home for 5, 10, 20, or even 50 years, you won’t want to part with your old throne. We understand that it’s a part of your home and something that should only be replaced under the direct control of you—the homeowner. However, sometimes people don’t know how bad their old toilet actually is. Here are just a few reasons why your toilet might need an upgrade.

  • It’s uncomfortable. This is a big one. So many homeowners we work with are dealing with toilets that are rusted, falling apart, and constantly spraying them with water and hurting their back. The worst part is that some homeowners actually think this is how a toilet is supposed to feel. This couldn’t be further from the truth. A toilet can be comfortable, you just need the right one!
  • It doesn’t work. Sometimes the interior plumbing of a toilet model can start to corrode and fall apart. It will lose integrity and eventually just cause a multitude of leaks and clogs when it shouldn’t. A new toilet could solve this problem now, let alone for years to come!
  • It’s old. Some toilet models are very old in our area with an antique feel in some of our older homes. While they might have a beautiful aesthetic, they might not really work properly. We recommend keeping the antique piece as a decoration but having a functional and efficient toilet where you need one.

The Toto Toilet

Toto toilets aren’t just one single type of toilet, it’s a company that produces some high-tech and amazingly comfortable toilet units. Many of the Toto toilets we install are specifically designed to be the right height to help you with your posture and your back. Other toilets provided by Toto can have heated seats, a miniature bidet, and other accessories that add to the already high-efficiency of the system.

Basically, you don’t need to view your toilet as some standardized piece of equipment. Not all toilets need to be the same, and just because you have an idea of what a toilet should be in your head, doesn’t mean that’s how it is in reality. Upgrade your toilet today if you want more from your bathroom.

At Admiral Plumbing Services, LLC, you can count on nice people and super service. Call our super-friendly team today.

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