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The Science Behind Hydro Jetting

Hydro jetting… The first thing that usually comes to mind when we bring up this topic to customers is that it’s a pretty cool name. It sounds like some kind of combo in a video game, and we wouldn’t be surprised if it was used in an episode of Star Trek.

But fun and games aside, that’s not what we’re here to talk about. Hydro jetting in Boynton Beach, FL is a process that’s used by professional plumbers to remove drain clogging debris through natural means. That’s right–it’s natural! You can toss out your bottle of drain cleaning chemicals, and you can forget about trying to pull apart the drainpipes themselves because hydro jetting is the next best solution for stuck drains.

In this blog post, we’re going to talk about the science behind the pressurized hydro jet, and how it works so well at clearing out your drains.

The Science of a “Hydro Jet”

Let’s start with the basics. Water is the substance that’s used in the hydro jet (hence the name “hydro” jet) and it’s the primary ingredient that’s responsible for clearing out your drains. You see, water can be used as a powerful drain cleaning substance if it’s pressurized the right way. Think about the water in a glass on your table, and the water in an ocean tidal wave. Each is realistically the same substance, but with different volume, pressure, and location.

Think of a hydro jet as a pressurizing machine that puts natural water from your water line into an extremely pressurized environment. This gives it the power it needs to remove pretty much anything that might be clogged up in your drain.

If it helps, hydro jets work very similarly to power washers that you might use to clean the side of your house. Very few things in the world can stand up against a stream of pressurized water!

How a Hydro Jet Works

So, a hydro jet when used for a residential plumbing call can be used in the following way. When you schedule an appointment with a plumber, we bring the hydro jet system that’s simply a pressurized water jet that’s attached to an auger. This jet and auger combo is thin enough to fit right down your drain and deal with some of the most stubborn clogging materials in existence. Then, after a good amount of time, the drain is almost always completely cleared and we’re done!

Can Clogging Materials Stand the Test?

There’s a good reason why we advertise hydro jets as much as we do. They’re exceptionally powerful, and we’ve yet to encounter a situation where a hydro jet is unable to clear a drain of all the contaminants. Any drain clogging material, from solid waste to oils, never lasts long against the power of pressurized water pointed in the right direction.

Now compare this to a plunger or a drain clearing chemical that you might pour down the drain. Those results are pretty much never as good or thorough as ones seen with a hydro jet.

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