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The Science Behind a Slab Leak


When we think of slab leaks, it can be easy to forget about what’s actually happening and focus on the costs or stress that comes from this kind of situation.

Yes, a slab leak can be a stressful experience. And absolutely, a slab leak can be one of the most expensive repairs for a home based on how difficult they are to fix.

But there’s a scientific process going on that might shed light as to why these situations are so tricky, and how they happen in the first place.

A slab leak has to do with the foundation of your home meeting water. Most foundations are built out of concrete, cinder blocks, and even stone, which can be porous enough to let water pass through them in certain areas.

But when water starts to develop underneath the foundation of your home, or in small cracks that are starting to cause separation, then you’ve got a slab leak in Boynton Beach, FL that requires repairs.

Erosion is a Natural Force

Stones like the ones that constitute our home foundations are strong. That’s the reason why you’ve got such a heavy material at the bottom of your house. But the process of erosion can cause even the strongest materials in the world to buckle and break apart after enough time.

Your foundation is susceptible to erosion from water over time. Normal groundwater is fine, and it won’t cause any structural damage to your home. But leaks beneath your foundation, or along cracks in your foundation, will erode the foundation itself and the structural integrity it provides!

Splitting the Foundation

It’s quite natural to have water pass through a foundation. As we mentioned above, slab materials like concrete are porous which means that water will move freely through them. It’s a misconception that concrete is waterproof, when in actuality it’s the opposite! (However, we still advise working to dehumidify your basement if you’re seeing excess water)

When water starts to split a foundation in half, then you’ve got a serious problem. As a foundation begins to crack in the middle, or anywhere other than the edge, it can cause an immense amount of stress on the rest of the structure of the home as the two separate parts of the foundation begin to move.

A slab leak can cause a foundation to split up and crumble, and it can even cause other parts of your home to deteriorate.

Unsecuring the Foundation

Sometimes a slab leak can be from pipes that exist underneath your home’s foundation. This is a bad situation because, even though your foundation isn’t splitting apart or crumbling, it could be moving.

A moving foundation means that electrical lines, water lines, gas lines, and other secure connections to your home might come loose, leak, and encounter other problems while your home literally moves.

Yes, this can even lead to a sinking foundation, which can be both dangerous and awful for the value of your home. Having a slab leak repaired should be a top priority, so your home’s foundation can remain secure.

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