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Taking Care of Your Garbage Disposal Helps Your Pipes

If you expect to have fresh water and proper drainage, you plumbing system needs your help. There’s a lot you can do to help your pipes to stay in good condition, like scheduling annual inspections and checking for the signs of leaks from time to time.

But even the simplest of tasks can make a major difference. A garbage disposal, a relatively small part in relation to other plumbing components, can do a lot of good for your pipes. It can stop large debris from moving into the drain and sewer pipes and prevent clogs and sewage backup, which could be a potentially costly repair. Find out how to care for your disposal in our list!

  • Learn about FOG: Fats, oils, and grease are referred to in the plumbing industry as FOG. It’s an ominous sign in horror movies and it can be just as scary for your pipes. FOG looks harmless in the bacon pan or baking dish, but it can solidify within the pipes and cling to the lining once it cools down. Use a separate container to dump these in.
  • Avoid Expanding Foods: Pasta and rice are the two to avoid whenever possible. These two substances expand in water, which means they will likely expand in your pipes. We’ve seen and heard of instances where pasta forced waste to back up through the drains—yuck!
  • Don’t Jam the Motor: Keep a list in a drawer near the sink to remind people in the household what can go down the drain and what cannot. Avoid meat bones and popcorn kernels, along with other harder food items. Also avoid stringy, fibrous foods like onion skins that can wrap around and jam the motor.
  • Clean it: You can keep the disposal clean and running smoothly with some baking soda down the drain, followed up by some vinegar.

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