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Are You Suffering From Poor Water Pressure?

Too many people view water pressure issues as just something “natural” about their home, when these types of issues are actually fixable. Sure, not everyone gets access to some of the powerful water pressure that comes from city water or other municipalities—but nobody should have dripping water faucets that can’t do their job properly either. Normally, poor water pressure is a sign of a plumbing issue, not a sign that you’re just living in the wrong area.

In the spirit of being experts on plumbing in Boynton Beach, FL, we’re going to help you get control of your water pressure. If you call us, we can help target the problem and have it repaired quickly and effectively. In the meantime, we’ll talk about why low water pressure is caused by a variety of plumbing issues that are completely avoidable!

The Causes of Low Water Pressure

Let’s step away from the conventional thought that your home’s water pressure has always been “low” and will probably always be “low.” We don’t think like that here. If there’s a problem in a plumbing system, we don’t really care how long it’s been pervasive, we’re the kind of contractors to fix it and make customers happy—end of story. So, assuming your water pressure could be fixed, let’s talk about why water pressure issues are caused.

Hard Water Issues

What’s the mineral content like in your water? No, this isn’t something you should be aware of for your personal health. Water with high mineral content is completely safe to digest and use for personal consumption, but it can be devastating for your plumbing system. Without a water softener, the minerals will begin to build up inside your pipes, causing the restriction of water flow and the general decrease in water pressure. This could be a huge reason why your water pressure is suffering, and has in fact always suffered, you might have been suffering from hard water issues for years or decades and haven’t had a way to deal with it. Well, you haven’t had a way to deal with it until now.

Too Much Water Demand

This is an interesting one because homeowners understand how it works in theory, but they don’t get that it is a problem that’s still fixable. If you turn on all the faucets, water spigots, and appliances in your home at once, you’ll see a dramatic decrease in water pressure. This is just science, and it can be obvious why this happens. You’re probably not suffering from a problem, rather just running things all at the same time.

However, if you’re just running two appliances at once, or some minimal amount of faucets and you’re seeing a dramatic decrease in water pressure, it could be a problem with your plumbing. Some pipes should be replaced and resized so that you can have adequate water flow to your home and that things don’t immediately start running poorly because you’re using two faucets at once. We can help evaluate your plumbing system and the blueprints of your home to better understand how to fix your plumbing system so that it reflects your daily needs.

At Admiral Plumbing Services, LLC, you can count on nice people and super service. Call our super-friendly team today!

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