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Still Living without a Garbage Disposal? It’s Time for a Change!

Garbage disposals are not new in the plumbing industry, but many kitchens are still unequipped with these convenient protective devices. Garbage disposals break up food into small pieces so that it’s easier on the drains. And today’s units are more efficient and effective that ever.

Why not have this convenient device?

We’ve heard homeowners list their reasons for going without a garbage disposal. One common reason for avoiding installation is a homeowner’s desire to compost. While this is a wonderful environmental choice, shouldn’t you keep a garbage disposal in place just in case food manages to move into the drains?

Some homeowners with septic tanks have heard before that a garbage disposal is not a good installation to have, since the septic tank cannot handle any food moving into it. However, this is simply untrue. Garbage disposals grind up food into fine pieces. As long as your septic tank is sized correctly and properly maintained, it should be able to handle the food scraps just fine.

Schedule installation today!

Call a technician to install your new garbage disposal today. They are more effective than ever before, energy efficient, and corrosion resistant, and safe for your drain and sewer system. When you install a garbage disposal in your home, you’ll get the following benefits:

  • Less time cleaning: Scraping every last bit from your plate into a compost bin is an annoying process, and you add on even more time by emptying out the drain screen in your sink.
  • Fewer drain clogs: Just flip a switch to grind up your food so that it no longer affects your drains.
  • Reduce trips to the garbage bin: Reduce the mess and the smell by putting your scraps in the sink instead.

Contact our Lake Worth plumbing specialists for upfront pricing, nice people, and super service! We offer GrindSmart disposals, including a ¾ HP jam-free unit with a free 10-year in-home warranty and a ½ HP unit with a 5-year warranty. Call us today!

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