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Signs You Need a Sewer Line Upgrade

If you’re having a sewer problem and you’re trying to diagnose it, it’s good to think of your sewer like a tree. Your main sewer line is the trunk of the tree where all the sewage passes through. Your secondary lines, (toilets, sinks, miscellaneous drains) are the branches on the tree that—when having issues—at least don’t affect the other branches nearly as much.

Pardon our tree analogy, but it’s incredibly helpful when talking about whether or not you need a sewer line upgrade. The trunk of your tree should be able to pass sewage effectively through it. Otherwise, you’ll see major problems in every branch of the tree (every secondary sewage system) and you’ll have many drains that lose effectiveness. A plumber in Lake Worth, FL will already know this and, when the time comes, will suggest upgrading your sewer line to make sure it can handle what your home puts through it.

So, what are some major signs that could signify a sewer line upgrade in the near future?

Multiple, Simultaneous Backups

A signal that your sewer line could be having major problems, and could use an upgrade, is a series of multiple backups in your home. This could range from something that’s easy to notice like all of your drains clogging at once, to something harder to see like strange noises happening with different fixtures.

  • Multiple Backups. If you notice that multiple appliances, toilets, drains, and showers are clogging at the same time- it could be a major problem with your sewer line. Since they all connect to the sewer line, like branches to a tree trunk, a plumber would inevitably find the source of the problem in the sewer line somewhere. It could be anything from a clog of debris, to a leak, to (funny enough) even a tree root growing in the pipe.
  • Noises. If you notice multiple noises occurring in your appliances while you run water- it could be a signal of a major backup in your sewer line. If you’re taking a shower and you hear the toilet percolating, or the washing machine having trouble draining, that could mean that multiple wastewater lines are having trouble draining.

It’s key to keep an eye out if you’re suspecting sewer line problems. Traditional or emergency sewer repair can be incredibly expensive to fix and require a lot of digging. This can destroy your property and cause your budget to have a major setback.

Trenchless Sewer Repair

However, if you catch that you could use a sewer repair early, then there are still options for you! Trenchless sewer repair is faster, more affordable, and doesn’t require all the digging and pipe replacement that a traditional sewer upgrade does. Trenchless sewer repair involves inserting a new pipe where your old, broken pipe already exists, by inserting a liner that completely covers the old area of your pipe. When it dries, it functions as a brand new pipe that can leave your home with a happy sewer for years to come.

Looking for comprehensive trenchless sewer repair? At Admiral Plumbing Services, LLC, you can count on nice people and super service. Call our super-friendly team today!

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