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Signs Your Plumbing Needs Professional Attention

As your local plumber in Port St Lucie, FL, we don’t think it’s appropriate to try and parse out which customers are capable of performing certain repairs and which aren’t. A botched fix of a plumbing system can lead to a lot of problems, and we don’t want anyone having to put up with leaks in the middle of the night because they thought they could just replace one small valve or pipe.

This is why it’s so important to be able to figure out whether your plumbing system needs professional attention, or if you’ve got some time to wait.

The following three points are designed to lead homeowners to the right solution–even if that solution is calling for professional help. These issues all require pretty important plumbing services, so our team is always happy to support where it’s needed. We’ll even provide emergency plumbing support when customers need after-hours help!

Clear Signs You Need Help

If you think you can take care of your clogged drain on your own, then we admire your tenacity. But it’s never a bad idea to get in touch with a professional if you need help. Our team is standing by to help you with the small problems and the major ones.

1. Over-Engineered Plumbing

Over-engineered plumbing can be an insidious issue, especially for new homeowners that just purchased their first property. That old house might have some great bones, but there might be a few strange plumbing occurrences you’ve noticed that don’t need to be so complicated. We see this a lot and it can be a sign that amateur plumbing work was done previously on the house.

One example of this is seeing multiple different plumbing materials used on the same plumbing line. This could mean that your plumbing system was worked on by several different people, and that the ages of the pipes can greatly vary. The older some of these pipes are, the more likely they are to fail if they’re not replaced.

2. Galvanized Steel

If your plumbing system still uses galvanized steel, then that’s reason enough to call us. Before the 1960s, folks who didn’t want lead pipes would instead get pipes that were coated in a zinc steel alloy which protected the pipes and helped them last. However, that zinc could wear away and end up allowing lead into the water as the pipes erode.

Not only are galvanized steel pipes not really safe anymore, but they’re also a sign that your plumbing system is over 60 years old and in dire need of work.

3. Leaking Pipes or Clogged Drains

Look, sometimes the most simple solution is the one that makes the most sense. If your pipes are leaking or clogged, you don’t have to try and do a hardware store trip to cut down on costs. That might just make things worse and make your life harder. Our team provides fast and reliable plumbing support for homeowners with leaking pipes, drains that are stopped, and for anything else related to your plumbing system. Just call us for everything!

At Admiral Plumbing Services, LLC, you can count on nice people and super service. Call our super-friendly team today!

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