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Salt: How It Affects Your Plumbing

Here in Florida, we have a lot of access to saltwater. Perhaps we have too much access to saltwater. Our plumbing systems are inundated with pounds of salt every year that other areas just don’t have to deal with. This is one of the reasons why professional plumbing service by the right crew can be so important.

Today we’re going to keep things simple—we’ll talk about what salt can do to your plumbing. As your plumbing system dries, salt crystals can be left to corrode your pipe materials and eventually cause leaks and damage. Take care of your plumbing in West Palm Beach, FL by signing up for plumbing maintenance so we can flush your system and keep things running smoothly.

There are other things to be worried about when it comes to saltwater. Keep reading to find out!

Salt in the System

What does excess salt do when it gets into your plumbing system? Well, for starters, it doesn’t really go anywhere. Salt can remain in your plumbing system for a long period of time, either dissolved in saltwater or as salt crystals themselves. Salt will react with the lining of your pipes to cause it to corrode. Corrosion deteriorates the pipe materials, causing them to become frail and weak, unable to hold water pressures to a certain extent, and eventually burst or leak. Basically, salt in large quantities for long periods of time can be hugely detrimental to your plumbing system.

How We Can Help

Flushing your plumbing system is a good way to deal with salt on a regular basis. This is one of the great parts about plumbing maintenance—it gives us a reason to completely flush your plumbing system with fresh water that will either dissolve and carry the salt crystals, or just remove them entirely. Flushing your plumbing system can be a great way to get a fresh start on removing some clogs, residue that has built up, and other problematic materials you might find in your pipes.

Salt Can Be Good!

Do you need a water softener? Water softening systems actually use salt to bind to the minerals that make our water hard. This can be used in a controlled environment, like the interior of a water softener, to keep your plumbing system safe from minerals and salt. Basically, there’s a balance that can be kept from a water treatment system to allow your plumbing system to function for years.

We’re the Team to Choose

There are so many companies in our area that perform plumbing flushing services and water softener work. But the real important decision to make is which company is the best one to choose. Our team has incredibly experienced technicians with upfront pricing and an A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau. You really can’t say the same thing for most of the companies out here in West Palm Beach. Do yourself a favor and work with the pros like us to ensure that your plumbing system keeps working as it should well into the future.

At Admiral Plumbing Services, LLC, you can count on nice people and super service. Call our super-friendly team today!

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