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Pros and Cons of Sewer Pipe Relining

Sewer pipe issues are something most homeowners are hoping to never have to deal with. The traditional method of replacing damaged or deteriorating sewer pipes involved excavation, which was both expensive and invasive. With advancements in technology sewer pipe relining in Jupiter, FL, has become a popular alternative to traditional pipe replacement. There are reasons for and against the procedure. Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons to help you make an informed decision for your plumbing needs!


  • Sewer pipe relining is often more cost effective than traditional pipe replacement methods. The process involves inserting a liner into the existing pipe. This minimizes the need for extensive excavation and associated costs.
  • Instead of digging up your yard or driveway to replace the entire pipe, only small access points are needed to insert the liner. This preserves your landscaping and reduces the disruption to your daily routine.
  • It’s a quicker process compared to traditional pipe replacement. Once the liner is inserted and cured your sewer system can be up and running within as little as a few hours in some cases. The time it takes to get the system back online depends on the complexity of the job, of course.
  • The lining material used in the process is smoother than the traditional pipe surface. This surface can improve the flow capacity of the pipe and reduce the likelihood of clogs and backups in the future!
  • The materials used are durable and resistant to corrosion, root intrusion and other common pipe problems. They can withstand extreme temperatures and are expected to last for several decades.
  • Since pipe relining does not require excavation and the production of new pipes it is considered a more environmentally friendly option. It helps to reduce the amount of waste generated during the repair process.


  • Not all pipes can be relined. The existing pipe’s condition and material must be suitable for relining. In some cases complete pipe replacement may still be needed.
  • Sewer pipe relining is effective for repairing certain types of damage, like cracks and minor leaks. However, it may not be useful for addressing severe structural damage or collapsed pipes.
  • An initial inspection of the sewer pipe is needed to determine its suitability for relining. This inspection can come with an additional cost that might be a consideration for budget conscious homeowners.
  • If not done by a skilled professional there is a risk of misalignment during the relining process. This can result in reduced flow capacity and potential blockages.
  • While relining is quicker than traditional pipe replacement there is still a temporary disruption to your sewer service during the repair process.

Sewer pipe relining offers a cost-effective, less invasive and durable solution for addressing certain sewer pipe issues. It’s important to consider its limitations and make sure that it’s a suitable option for your situation. Consulting with a qualified Admiral professional will help you determine whether sewer pipe relining is the right choice for your home’s sewer system.

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