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How to Properly Care for Your Plumbing

sink-drain-with-water-running-downLet us first ask you this… what is your first instinct when you discover that one of your drains is clogged in your home? If you’re anything like the average homeowner, you likely reach for the store-bought drain cleaner that you’re storing beneath your sink. We urge you not to do this, though.

As professionals, we have to tell you that using these store-bought cleaners is actually the worst thing you can do for the health of your plumbing system. Sure, it may provide a temporary solution, but when it comes to properly caring for your plumbing system, you’ll want to look at better methods. We’ll get into this more below, but first we want to explain the danger of using store-bought cleaners a bit more.

The Problem with Store-Bought Drain Cleaners

To put it simply, store-bought drain cleaners are harmful.

Take a look at the bottle, if you have one on hand. Notice all the warning labels plastered all over it? They’re there for a reason. It’s because most of these products contain some pretty nasty chemicals. Store-bought drain cleaners are usually made from very caustic materials. They’re able to eat through standard clogs in the drain, like a hair buildup in your bathroom sink, but the problem is that they don’t stop there.

Once the solution has eaten through the clog, it coats the inside of the drainpipe, and starts to eat through that, too. Years of using these caustic drain cleaners will have a very negative impact on your plumbing system, causing leaks and eventually forcing you to replace your pipes much earlier than you otherwise would have had to.

The cost of having to invest in premature repiping is far more than simply calling in a pro to take care of the clog to begin with.

The Power of Professional Drain Cleaning

So, what’s the answer to drain cleaning, then? Trusting an experienced pro! Our plumbers know that the average store-bought “solution” does much more harm than good, and that’s why you’ll never see us using these.

Professional drain cleaning involves equipment that’s safe for both you and your pipes.

For instance, drain snaking is one of the most traditional and popular methods for cleaning out stubborn drain clogs. A drain snake is a long cord with an auger on the end of it—it’s lowered into the pipe until it comes into contact with the clog, then attaches to it and allows us to pull the clog out.

Of course, some drain clogs are a little more serious, and a drain snake won’t solve the problem. In these cases, we will first get in there with a small video camera to do an inspection and see what exactly we’re dealing with—whether it’s a common clog or actually damage to your plumbing such as a sewer line blockage due to tree root infiltration.

From there, we might employ hydro-jetting. This is similar to drain snaking, except that the auger on the end is omni-directional and sprays out a high-powered stream of water to scour the inside of the pipes. This not only removes the threatening clog, but makes it less likely that clogs will continue to build up.

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