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Plumbing Upgrades to Make in the New Year

Plumbing repairs are perhaps the most frustrating home emergencies for many homeowners, especially if they are necessary somewhat frequently. This year, make a resolution to change that! Here are our suggestions on ways you can improve your plumbing system, minimize repairs, and make things easier on yourself and for your family in the new year.

Fix Leaky Sinks and Running Toilets

These may only seem like small issues, but a drip rate of just one drop of water per second can result in 3,000 gallons of water wasted in a year. Do your part in reducing water waste and fix small leaks like these. Leaks between a toilet bowl and tank are also common and relatively easy to fix (with the help of a plumber). Don’t ignore a running toilet.

Check for Leaks

You can lower your bills and minimize water damage to your home by calling in professionals for a plumbing inspection. If there are larger leaks in your piping system, plumbers can let you know so you can start the process of water line replacement or repair. A slab leak underneath the concrete foundation of your home can do major damage in the long run, and it’s always better to catch these early.

Install that Garbage Disposal

Still don’t have a garbage disposal to make cooking and cleaning a lot easier? Nearly any kitchen sink can have a garbage disposal installed: you simply need to call in a local plumber! Garbage disposals break apart food scraps so they are easier on your drains, and with proper maintenance yours should last for many years.

Replace an Older Toilet

If you have an older toilet that is uncomfortable or that wastes water, it may be time for an upgrade. Today’s toilets use about a third of the water volume as those installed decades ago. In addition, comfort height toilets are available to those with back and knee problems.

To start your new year’s resolutions, or for more helpful advice, call Admiral Plumbing Services, LLC. We offer exceptional plumbing service in Jupiter, FL.

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