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Plumbing Terms Explained: Pipe Lining

There are a whole lot of plumbing components in your home. While you might think you know a lot about them, there are likely a few plumbing terms that are still unfamiliar to you. From time to time, we like to help our customers and homeowners across the country to become familiar with some of the terms we use in the industry. Pipe lining is a service that takes away a lot of the hassle of sewer repair. Learn more below!

Conventional Sewer Repair

Pipe lining is a sewer line repair process used by select technicians and plumbers—but not all of them. Many plumbing companies won’t even let customers know that pipe lining is an option because it’s not a service they can offer. Instead, they fix underground pipes using the old fashioned method, taking several days to dig up your old pipes and put in brand new ones.

How Pipe Lining Makes Things Easier

With conventional sewer line repair, you end up with a huge mess on your property most of the time. You lose any landscaping done above the pipes over the years, and you’ll spend a lot of money and time trying to get your front yard back to the way you like it. Trenchless pipe lining, however, involves digging only one or two holes in the yard. We love this service because its:

  • Faster
  • Cleaner
  • Less of an eyesore

The Equipment

Trenchless pipe lining involves feeding a flexible pipe liner into the old pipe and sealing it into place. Plumbers won’t have to rip out the old pipes, and they’ll only have to dig a couple of holes to do it. A hole is dug where the pipes meet the home and the municipal waste system. First, the old pipes are inspected and cleaned out completely using a hydro jetter. Then, hydraulic equipment pulls the new pipe lining through, which is coated with adhesive. Finally, another tool is fed through the pipe lining to inflate it and seal it onto the old pipe. After several hours, the liner is dry, the pipes are reconnected, the holes are filled, and your pipes are ready to use again!

Call Admiral Plumbing Services, LLC for trenchless pipe lining in West Palm Beach and to get excellent customer service from plumbers you can trust!

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