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How a Plumber Deals with Tree Roots

root-pipe-splitIf tree roots affect your home plumbing, you may already know about it. A lot of homeowners have persistent problems with tree roots blocking the pipes, and the sewer pipes in particular. You might have to call the plumbers back time and time again, consistently treat your pipes, and remember to routinely schedule inspections.

That’s one way to deal with the issue. But there are multiple ways you and your plumbers might decide to tackle the problem, temporarily or once and for all. Here are the methods you should know about.


One way to attempt to tackle the problem is with chemicals designed to kill off the root structure. Many chemicals can be effective, but they should be combined with a method of root removal first. That way, the copper sulfate, RootX, or other solutions can kill off roots as they enter the pipes.


Drain augers and drain snakes are perhaps the best-known solutions to this common problem. Sending a mechanical or motorized drain auger into the pipes helps to break up the clog so that it can make its way into the sewer line.

Most augers have a number of heads you can detach and replace. For tree roots problems, plumbers often choose a rotating spiral head that can cut through tree roots like a saw. The problem is that this may only serve as a temporary fix, since the tree roots are just waiting to grow back into the pipes, which is why you may need to add chemicals or take other actions to secure the future of your pipes.

Camera Inspections

Another way to deal with tree root interference is for a plumber to make sure they know the full scope of the problem. Regular inspections can help keep a problem under control. And video camera inspection can also be used before and after cleaning.

A small camera the size of your phone’s camera is attached to the end of a cable, giving your plumber a complete view of the inside of the piping. This allows for an accurate diagnosis, proper tool selection, and a better conversation with you—the homeowner.

Hydro Jetters

A hydro jetter is a long, thin hose that fits in the sewer pipe. It’s able to blast out water at every angle and make sure that the lining of the pipes is clean and clear. This works quite well for tree roots. It could even remove the roots faster and more completely.

Recommending Further Action

For the most part, a plumber can help keep a tree root infiltration under control. A final way a plumber might deal with tree root problems is by recommending you go a step further with your landscaping. It’s tough for some homeowners to admit, but there comes a time when tree removal might make the most sense.

Deep root removal might also be a possibility. Or, you might consider rerouting pipes so they are nowhere near the roots.

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