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Pipe Relining or Replacement: Which Will You Need?

Hearing that you need pipework can be pretty devastating news for many homeowners. Pipes that connect to your main water line especially, can be located deep underground beneath your lawn, which means a replacement would require hours of digging up your precious land and ruining your garden. However, in recent years technology has developed to the point where we can reline a broken pipe with a lining that doesn’t require digging up your land or disrupting your life immensely. This process saves money, time, and keeps your property intact. This process also, unfortunately, can only save your pipes in certain situations. Some homeowners might need pipe replacements and no relining will be able to help them. So, when it comes to pipe plumbing in Boynton Beach, FL, how can you tell if your pipe will benefit from relining or if you need the standard pipe replacement work done?

The Benefits of Pipe Relining

Before we can tell if pipe relining is right for your plumbing repair needs, we need to talk about what exactly pipe relining is. If your pipe is in seriously poor condition, a resin-saturated tube is inserted into your pipe system where it hardens and forms another pipe within your old one. That means you’ve got a complete pipe repair without the need for digging up your lawn! Industry specialists consider this “trenchless technology” since it doesn’t require digging a trench in order to reach the problematic areas. This can be simple, affordable, and effective when treating pipes with multiple leaks, or pipes that are in terrible condition. Not needing to dig up your old pipes saves money and time, which is the major benefit to this type of work. The new resin pipe will also easily last for years to come.

When Pipe Relining Doesn’t Work

If your plumbing is in terrible shape, we understand that looking for the most affordable and technologically advanced way to fix it can be easy, but sometimes the traditional way of pipe replacement is absolutely necessary.
  • Poor soil condition. If you’ve got problems with your soil that are ruining your plumbing pipes, a pipe relining procedure won’t help this. You’ll need your land excavated and the soil replaced or addressed in order for your pipes to last without issue.
  • Oddly shaped pipe system. If your plumbing is old or was set up by an amateur, it might be harder for pipe relining to do its magic. Relining does not re-round your pipes, which means that if there’s a problem with your pipe’s shape, due to corrosion or just faulty installation, relining won’t be able to help you.
  • Large gaps or holes. Finally, relining your pipes won’t fix the massive holes or gaps that are left by some major issues. Some pipe ruptures are large and the relining process won’t be able to seal those areas up, you’ll need traditional pipe replacement in order to fully fix your plumbing system.
We recommend having pipe inspection done to ensure what work needs to be done and narrow down specifically what the issue is with your plumbing.

Whether it’s pipe inspection, relining, or replacement—we’ve got you covered. At Admiral Plumbing Services, LLC, you can count on nice people and super service. Call our super friendly team today!

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