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One Major Plumbing Tip for New Home Buyers

Have you found a home that fits your budget and that seems to be everything you want? That’s great! But there’s just one small problem–you’re not a plumbing expert, and before you pay for a home inspection, you’d like to get a general idea on how good the plumbing system is.

This can be tricky, since only plumbers have the tool and expertise to really be able to get your home evaluated and plumbing problems properly addressed. However, we can help with one blog topic today. We want to talk about spotting an over-engineered plumbing system in a prospective house that you’re trying to buy.

Plumbing systems are supposed to look sleek and elegant while performing a very valuable function. If you notice strange things throughout your new home’s plumbing in West Palm Beach, FL, then you should call us for support. We can fix these problems, and we can even evaluate your new home’s plumbing system!

How to Detect an Over-Engineered Plumbing System

Have you ever walked into a basement, crawlspace, or even a bathroom and wondered why there were so many pipes, different materials, and other strange occurrences? Plumbing isn’t really a secret science, it’s about getting water and waste from point A to point B with the least interruption or disruption possible.

The first and most obvious sign that your new home has over-engineered plumbing parts, is if you notice various different types of pipes on the same water or waste line. If it switches from PVC to galvanized steel, then to a flexible line, all of those pipe connections can weaken over time and cause leaks. Not to mention the fact that it takes up way more space than just using one continuous line.

If there are confusing parts of your plumbing system, then we urge you to call one of our plumbers to evaluate the situation and give you our honest opinion.

The Main Problems With an Over-Engineered Plumbing System

Here are three problems you can expect when your home has an over-engineered plumbing system:

  • It signals that an amateur did the work previously. Master plumbers and journeyman plumbers don’t overcomplicate things. We connect pipes securely, efficiently, and with the least amount of material required. We also don’t use galvanized steel or lead anymore for health and security reasons, so if your home has this kind of plumbing, it’s either extremely old or was worked on by an amateur.
  • It’s less secure and can lead to problems down the line. An overengineered plumbing system is less secure, having more points of weakness, and it can start leaking more often than a secured plumbing system.
  • It’s aesthetically unappealing and can lower the value of a home. If you spot an over-engineered plumbing system during the homebuying process, this might be a good place to negotiate a lowering of the selling price. Then, you can use some of that money to invest in a professional master plumber to right some of those engineering wrongs and get your new home looking like new!

Don’t hesitate to get this problem addressed now. At Admiral Plumbing Services, LLC, you can count on nice people and super service. Call our super-friendly team today!

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