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No Luck Fixing a Clogged Toilet on Your Own?

When a toilet is clogged, most people go through the same first steps to try to resolve the problem. First, a lot of people try flushing the toilet again to make sure it really is clogged up. And when that doesn’t work, they go for the plunger. Do these steps seem to be failing for you? Make sure you’ve got the proper technique down below, and call a plumber once it really becomes a problem.

When it first happens

At the first sign that your toilet may be clogged, we don’t recommend flushing again because you might risk overflowing the toilet. In fact, it’s a good idea to remove the lid from the tank (the top part of the toilet) once you notice a problem, so that you can be prepared to take action if it looks like it might overflow.

Preventing overflow

If it does look like the bowl may overflow, close the flapper in the tank so that it doesn’t fill up with any more water. Remember, most clogs are slow moving ones rather than complete stoppages, so you might want to wait until the water goes down before attempting to unclog the toilet.

Using a plunger

Many people use their plungers wrong, so you’ll have to pay careful attention to your technique. Make sure there’s a tight seal around the exit hole of the toilet. Work just as hard at pulling up while maintaining the seal as you do pushing down with the plunger. Give it a good flush after several turns with the plunger, and be prepared to close the flapper to stop overflowing.

Calling a plumber

Some clogs are simply too far down in the toilet trap or in the actual drainpipes for your plunger to reach. Plumbers have drain augers designed to reach your toughest clogs, and some smaller ones too!

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