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Keep Your Plumbing System Efficient with These 5 Tips

Your plumbing is important to your home, regardless of how much attention you might pay towards it. Without your stable plumbing system, you’d have trouble with flushing toilets, draining sinks, showers, baths, dishwashers—you name it! So, when we talk about plumbing efficiency, what we’re really talking about is keeping the system running smoothly without any hiccups.

An inefficient plumbing system needs help all the time. If you’re constantly calling for a plumber or you’re finding yourself reaching down your sink drain to try and clear a clog with a drain snake every Sunday, then this blog is for you.

Remember that the best thing you can do for your plumbing system is to call a plumber in Stuart, FL full stop. Our pros have the equipment and experience to relieve your plumbing system of problems and keep it running efficiently.

Let’s Get Started

Want to avoid having to call a plumber when your plumbing system starts backing up? Follow the next few tips and we hope you’ll start to change some bad plumbing habits that we fall into.

Tip #1: Invest in a Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposals are great ways to keep your main kitchen drain clean. They grind up any food waste that might otherwise get stuck in your drain, and turn it into a paste that can easily be digested by your plumbing system. This is also an environmentally friendly solution to plumbing issues since that food waste will eventually go to a waste disposal plant and be filtered accordingly!

Tip #2: Keep Things Clean

When you keep a kitchen or bathroom surface clean, it makes it easier to spot when something is wrong. For instance, a dirty sink is always going to look like it’s partially clogged. You’ll never really know otherwise. However, it’s very clear when a clean sink is clogged or having issues draining. Then you can more easily call a plumber for repairs, and they don’t have to dig through dirty dishes!

Tip #3: Use a Mesh Screen

Mesh screens trap unwanted food waste that would otherwise go into your drains and clog it. If you don’t have a garbage disposal, this is the next best thing! You’ll ultimately thank yourself after a few years when your mesh screen prevents many clogs that would have otherwise plagued you.

Tip #4: Avoid Flushing FOG

FOG, or fats oils and grease, are materials that just don’t do well in your plumbing system. They are liquids when we cook with them, but the moment they enter our kitchen drain, they become solid. These contribute heavily to drain clogs, so it’s always a good idea to throw them out in the trash instead!

Tip #5: Sign Up for Plumbing Maintenance

Plumbing maintenance is a good idea for homeowners that don’t want to deal with emergency drain clogs or flushing issues. By signing up for plumbing maintenance, you get yearly appointments where a professional can tell you exactly how your plumbing system is doing and if you’re going to need any repairs in the future. Seriously, we can’t stress enough how helpful this service is!

At Admiral Plumbing Services, LLC, you can count on nice people and super service. Call our super friendly team today!

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