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It’s Time to Invest in a Mesh Screen

Your drains need to be reliable throughout your whole home. If they’re constantly clogging up, it can drive homeowners to use them less and less, which is an obnoxious thing to deal with over time. So, how can we make your drains more reliable while allowing them to be used more consistently?

The answer is a mesh screen, or some kind of protection in the drain itself! Whether it’s a shower drain or the drain of your kitchen sink, it needs to be protected from materials that might enter the pipe system and cause damage down the line.

We’re not saying that this is a be-all-end-all solution to your plumbing woes, you’ll still need to call a plumber in West Palm Beach, FL for help eventually. But for now, this solution could be exactly what you’re looking for to improve the reliability of your drains. Let us explain how mesh screens work!

What Are Drain Screens?

Have you ever gone to a neighbor or friend’s house and witnessed a strange contraption that’s blocking the drain in their sink, shower, or another drain system? These systems aren’t just for convenience or some kind of built-in components–they’re screens!

Screens can be made out of a wide arrangement of materials, from metal to plastic, but they always have the same objective. They’re there to protect the drain from harmful contaminants that might cause a leak or a drain clog down the line.

How Drain Screens Work

Drain screens exist right in the bottleneck of your sink, shower, or plumbing system. All of the water you use in a given appliance must travel past that small area. This allows a drain screen to catch contaminants that might not be suitable for your drain system before they can do long-lasting damage or create a drain clog that you’ll regret later.

These contaminants will differ between your drains. For instance, a screen in your shower will be more suitable to catch hair and other undissolvable items like toys or lufas. A kitchen sink screen will catch food particles and even coffee grounds so they can be thrown away later.

Long Term Protection for your Sink

Mesh screens can’t protect your plumbing system from everything, and some contaminants will still sneak through depending on how heavily you use this system. However, this is about providing long-term support for your drain, and this is a best practice that achieves that.

It’s a lot less likely that you’ll suffer from constant drain clogs if you’re protecting your drains from contaminants with a screen!

Call Our Team for Support

A screen isn’t the only solution for drain clogs. Eventually, you will have some contaminants reach the interior of your drain system, and they’ll need to be rooted out by a professional plumber. At that point, we recommend you call our team for support.

Combine best practices like plunging and using mesh screens for protection, with professional plumbing services when you need them. This will ensure you’re completely covered and your drains will remain in good shape for years to come.

At Admiral Plumbing Services, LLC, you can count on nice people and super service. Call our super-friendly team today!

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